1000 round case - 223 Rem 55 Grain FMJ Brass Case Swiss made Geco Ammo

1000 round case - 223 Rem 55 Grain FMJ Brass Case Swiss made Geco Ammo

1000 round case - 223 Rem 55 Grain FMJ Brass Case Swiss made Geco Ammo 1000 round case - 223 Rem 55 Grain FMJ Brass Case Swiss made Geco Ammo 1000 round case - 223 Rem 55 Grain FMJ Brass Case Swiss made Geco Ammo
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223 Rem 55 Grain FMJ Brass Case Swiss made Geco Ammo for sale at SGAmmo.com, your best online source for 223 Ammo for AR-15 rifles. This high quality ammo is made in Switzerland featuring a 55 grain FMJBT bullet with copper jacket and a lead core non-magnetic projectile that is range safe. The cartridge also features an annealed brass case with crimped in boxer primers that are lacquer sealed. The case mouth is also sealed to help water proof the ammo. The ammo is loaded on plastic stripper clips, but from my testing the clips are not compatible with USGI guide tools so you may have to remove the rounds from the clips manually to load your mags, or find an alternative loading tool or modify a USGI guide tool. This is very very nice 223 Rem ammo for your AR-15 rifle or any 223 caliber firearm. Ballistic data shows 3313 FPS muzzle velocity out of a 23.6 inch barrel.

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Customer Reviews

Please don't buy Geco .223 or 9mm...my pistols and AR's love this stuff (1 MOA) and I need more of it...LMAO
I finally got to the range with this Geco Remington 223 55 Gr ammo , the reviews I read are 100 % right on the money ! Geco 223 is a very accurate ammo even out at 400 yards I could not believe at first even with my shooting partner on the spotting scope hit after hit on a 12 inch plate ! Well I will be stocking up on the Geco 223 for sure it would give more expensive ammo a run for it's money ! Thanks SG you have done it again ! *****7
Good ammo. Just ordered another case.
Love this Geco type shoots perfect in my Howa ssteel and have no primer issue's for hunting I have pulled a few hundred and reloaded with plastic tip ballistic point of same weight,shoots brilliant! Do not confuse this type with the red plastic tip Geco stuff. They shoot ok but have popped primer issue's,probably too hot Fully recommend this for accuracy. Jv in Australia
OK, so I read the reviews and talked with Sam Gabbert about this stuff. I've fired a lot of different 55gr FMJ - European, East Asian and also American and Israeli. This is very good stuff. The powder is different and it's more of a gentle push. Shooting out a my precision JP match rifle, I was getting sub MOA groups the first time out. As the rifle got dirtier and hotter, the groups open but very impressive for the first time out. I've shot Geco back in the 80's when they made hypervelocity 9mm ammo for the HK P7s but this stuff is a change of pace. The plastic stripper mags are nice and the packaging is also high class. I'm be shooting more of these in my German HK rifles. Thanks again for getting these for us Sam, Lala and the rest of the wrecking crew at SG! YosemiteWhaler
Used in all 3 of my AR rifles and my Ruger M77vt. I can consistently put up 3 shot groups at 200yds that can be covered with a quarter using my M77vt off the hood of my truck . Have used the brass for reloading without issues as well. Very nice accurate rounds that cant be beat for the price.
I own a Windham SRC 223. This round is absolutely the most accurate out of the 7 kinds I own. superb!!!
I like geco ammo
I can't say enough good things about this ammunition. I recently tested it for accuracy at 300-400y for competition 3gun use on LR steel plates. its just as accurate as my normal LR match load (that costs 2x as much), so I'm going to convert to Geco 223 across the board for 3Gun. its accurate enough for LR (Sub MOA at 3-400yards) and cheap enough to blast away at the short range targets.
The Swiss maid 223 ammo is exceptionally good stuff, if ammo quality is what you want at a price that is affordable to shoot then make sure to give the stuff a try. I have used it and bolt action rifle's and semi autos with good luck and good accuracy. James in San Diego