1000 Round Case - 223 Rem 55 Grain Hollow Point Ammo by Tulammo

1000 Round Case - 223 Rem 55 Grain Hollow Point Ammo by Tulammo

1000 Round Case - 223 Rem 55 Grain Hollow Point Ammo by Tulammo1000 Round Case - 223 Rem 55 Grain Hollow Point Ammo by Tulammo1000 Round Case - 223 Rem 55 Grain Hollow Point Ammo by Tulammo
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20 rounds per box, 50 boxes per case

This ammo is made by Tula Cartridge Works in Russian with polymer coated steel cases and non corrosive primers. The projectile is a 55 grain hollow point bullet with a lead core and magnetic bi-metal bullet jacket

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Customer Reviews

When shooting steel cased ammo you need to have a chrome lined chamber otherwise the polymer will build up. I know people who have issues with Russian ammo who only have nitride coated barrels. I have 1500 rnds through one of my ar's and never had an issue.
Ordered 2 cases of this ammo on 8/1 along with 2 cases of PMC .223. The notice on the web site said orders placed that day would ship around 8/4 or 8/5. To my surprise I was notified it shipped the next day! I received it today, 8/9. The total shipping time of 7 days was two days more than for a different order I had shipped the same day from another vendor in the same region of the country (not for ammo though). On the other hand SGAmmo's shipping costs are much lower than other ammo vendors I have used. In fact the shipping when buying 2 case lots was almost 1/2 of what another vendor wanted to charge for the same ammo. Also SGAmmo's per round charge was a bit less then this other vendor and one of the lowest I could find. That's a hard combination to beat - low per round cost and low shipping in a reasonable time frame. The cost savings far outweigh a slightly longer shipping time. As to the Tulammo .223 Rem 55 gr., I have not fired any from the current order but have used this same round during two recent range sessions with two different rifles including about 200 rounds of it this past weekend. The two rifles were a Ruger Mini-14, 580 series and a Ruger AR-556. In the first range session both were new out of the box and the TulAmmo were the first rounds fired. For the Mini-15 after the first twenty rounds the next two rounds failed to extract and the bolt jammed open. I had to drop the mag and manually close the bolt. The fired case then extracted. After these two failures to extract, the ammo worked flawlessly for another 80 or so rounds using 5 and 10 round mags from Ruger and 10 rd mags from Promag. With the AR-556 I was using new 10 rd. Pmag M3's and one 30 rd. Pmag blocked to 10 rds. Inserting the first 10 rd. Pmag with an open both it jammed when closing the bolt with a double feed. The tip of the top round caught on the left side of the chamber and the 2nd round tried to feed under it. I had to drop the mag to get the jam cleared. This repeated with a second full mag, so I loaded with 9 rounds. That fed fine. After those initial jams and firing the first mag everything worked fine using 8 different mags over 100 rounds. Both rifles worked flawlessly in this same session firing Federal XM855, XM193, PMC 55 gr. FMJBT, General Dynamics 62 gr. XM855, Hornady 60 gr. Urban TAP, and Hornady 75 grain hollow point TAP. Only the TulAmmo caused a problem but on just 2 rounds for each rifle out of 100 fired for each when the rifles and mags were new. This weekend I fired another 100 rounds in the Mini-14. At two different times there were failures to extract. Dropping the mag and closing the bolt extracted the case. Otherwise this ammo functioned just fine. Accuracy was surprisingly good. The best 3 round group at 50 yards with a Bushnell TRS-25 was 1 MOA. Most groups were not that small, more like 2-3 MOA which is still good for a Mini-14 and this kind of ammo. With the Ruger AR-556 I fired 100 rounds with no problems from 10 different mags including one 30 rd Pmag mag blocked to 10 rds, seven 10 rd. Pmags and two 10 rd. AR-Stoner metal mags. Accuracy was again surprisingly good although the point of impact was shifted down and to the right relative to the impact point of 5.56x45 XM855 SS109 green tips. Best group with the TulAmmo was 8 rounds just under 1 MOA; most groups were in the 2 MOA range. Bottom line is you wouldn't want to use this ammo in a critical situation - steel cased ammo can have functioning problems in some rifles such as failure to extract especially once the weapon gets dirty - but it's a great bargain for plinking. And SGAmmo's cost and shipping are super. I recommend this ammo if it functions ok in your weapon and highly recommend SGAmmo for their good prices, low shipping costs and great service. They are top notch.
This ammo works great in my Windham Weaponry AR-15. I haven't had a chance to test its accuracy, but it functions just fine.
Excellent company to deal with. Shipping was very fast. Ordered late night Thursday received ammo wednesday. Tul ammo is very good it always fires. I have not had any issues after around 1500 rds or so