20 rd box- 303 British 180 grain Soft Point Prvi Partizan Ammunition - PP39

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25 or more$13.98
SKU: ppu303180sp

20 rounds per box

Prvi Partizan brand 303 British soft point hunting ammo with 180grain bullet. This is reloadable ammo made in Serbia

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Customer Reviews

Prvi partisan ammunition is the only low-cost option I can find is 303 British caliber ammo. Fortunately it's great stuff and I use it for target shooting, hunting and just shooting for fun. I like how the 303 Brit SoftPoint ammo is just as inexpensive as the full metal jacket options because I like to buy soft point rifle ammo for hunting deer but I don't want to have to pay out the nose for it. SGAmmo keeps 303 British ammo in stock and they fill orders fast which is why I am back to buy more ammo here