50 rd box - 357 Magnum PMC 158gr JSP Soft Point Ammo 357A

50 rd box - 357 Magnum PMC 158gr JSP Soft Point Ammo 357A

50 rd box - 357 Magnum PMC 158gr JSP Soft Point Ammo 357A 50 rd box - 357 Magnum PMC 158gr JSP Soft Point Ammo 357A 50 rd box - 357 Magnum PMC 158gr JSP Soft Point Ammo 357A
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50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case

PMC 357 Magnum 158 grain Jacketed Soft Point ammo. Ideal all purpose ammo for target practice, hunting, or personal protection.

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Customer Reviews

This stuff is amazingly accurate out of my smith 66! Yep it is hot but I really like it.
My new S&W 686 Plus jammed after four or five cylinders, usually on the sixth or seventh round. The cylinder wouldn't lock to the next round, causing the trigger and hammer to seize back. I diagnosed the problem as a small barrel-cylinder (B/C) gap and was preparing to call S&W to arrange to ship it to the "mother ship" for repair. The only ammo I had used was two boxes of Sellier and Bellot 158 FMJ. Before calling S&W, I measured the B/C gap using a feeler gauge. It measured 0.005". In other words, it was perfect. I then ordered this PMC ammo from SGAmmo to make sure the binding problem wasn't ammo related. Sure enough, I fired 49 rounds of this PMC ammo without a hiccup. I've had similar positive results with PMC Bronze in my Sigs (P238 and P938). Interestingly, the other reviewer stated that this PMC ammo was a little hotter than he likes. That's actually a good thing. I don't think it's hotter than average, but I know that it's hot enough to burn all the powder, thereby minimizing fouling, unburned powder flakes etc. The S&B ammo was under-powered and extremely dirty. When cleaning my 686, I discovered many unburned powder flakes under the ejector star and in the chambers. When using S&B, the cylinder face was totally black, whereas it was pretty clean when using this PMC ammo. In short, I highly recommend PMC Bronze as reliable and high quality practice ammo. I would be remiss in not mentioning that I really enjoy doing business with SGAmmo. They're reliable and high quality too.
I bought one box to try this ammo out. I shot it out of a Ruger gp100 4 inch and it was a bit hot. Not uncontrollable, but you could feel the recoil for sure, I will try it on my bolt action Ruger 357/77 rifle and let you all know how it goes. Good ammo for the price, definitely get that magnum feel to it.
Picked up a box to run through a 3" 686. Accurate ammo, loaded a little hot for my tastes, wasn't that fun to shoot out of that revolver. Would be decent ammo out of a rifle or larger revolver though, and price is good enough for practice ammo too.