1000 round case - 45 Auto 230 grain FMJ Sellier Bellot Brass Case Ammo - SB45A

1000 round case - 45 Auto 230 grain FMJ Sellier Bellot Brass Case Ammo - SB45A

1000 round case - 45 Auto 230 grain FMJ Sellier Bellot Brass Case Ammo - SB45A1000 round case - 45 Auto 230 grain FMJ Sellier Bellot Brass Case Ammo - SB45A
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Sellier Bellot Brass case 45 Auto ammunition for sale. This ammo features a 230 grain FMJ bullet with range-safe copper jacket. These .45 Auto cartridges are brass case, reloadable and non-corrosive boxer primer. This is great target ammo and supplies are very limited. Sellier & Bellot ammunition has been made in the Czech Republic since 1825 and is one of the worlds most experienced ammo factories. If you are looking for high quality 45 ammo then this may be the ammunition for you. Top quality ammo for a competitive price. At SGAmmo.com we only sell in-stock ammo, if our website lets you order it then we have it and it will ship to you right away, typically leaving our warehouse within 1 or 2 business days via UPS.

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Customer Reviews

Absolute best deal on 45acp anywhere. Good tight groups with all my 1911s and XDM. Burns clean, never had this ammo fail me. Thanks and kudos to SG ammo.com
Ammo burns clean and feeds reliability in my SR 1911. Accuracy is on par with other target ammo. I normally shoot Blazer and this stuff has slightly more felt recoil. All in all, a good purchase and plan to buy again when it's back in stock.
This is great stuff! I use this in my machine gun and it performs flawlessly. Super clean and I have not had a malfunction yet.
Ran 1000 rounds through my Thompson without a single failure. Actually been shooting S&B for 20 yrs. Great ammo. A little hotter than US made ammo. Very clean and accurate.
Has become my favorite range ammo. It is clean and I really like how close they pack the rounds, takes less space for storage. Never had any issues and can't beat the price.
Great deal from a great supplier. Nice bright cases, no failures in several hundred through a 1911 and a A1
Wow, Brass cases, large primers, fast shipping. I'm sure the only one who hates this is the delivery driver. Great deal great seller thanks again SGAmmo
I love this ammo---it's so shiny! When I try to load it in broad daylight at the range I have to wear my sun eclipse glasses! Boy, what reflective materials. Thanks, Sellier Bellot!
I have purchased quite a few thousand of these rounds and have tried Blazer and Magtech as well. The rounds made by CCI (Magtech and S&B) are packed tight enough to fit 1k rounds in an M2A1 can and are always clean and shiny. The Blazer ammo was clean but had a rough look to them and didn't fit in an M2A1 can. I had to pack them loose to get them to fit and the rounds at the bottom started to oxidize. I will stick with CCI ammo as it doesn't leave nearly the powder residue of Blazer.
I bought a case of this, and it is great practice ammo. We've also used this in 9mm. A few failures to feed, but only after the pistol was well and truly filthy.