2160 Round Crate - 5.45x39 Russian Military Surplus 7N6 52 grain FMJ Ammo

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2160 Round Crate- 5.45x39 Russian Military Surplus 7N6 52 grain FMJ Ammo for sale at www.SGAmmo.com, the best website to use for buying 5.45x39 Ammo for your AK-74 at low prices with in-stock ammo available for purchase. Finest Quality Russian military 5.45x39 ammo made in the1970s, mostly 1975-1979. True mil-spec 5.45 surplus ammunition with a steel core and imported 'pre-ban' before BATF ruled this ammo to be armor piercing. This is some of the finest quality ammo ever made in 5.45x39 caliber featuring a steel core 52 grain bullet, a lacquer coated steel case and a corrosive berdan primer for ultimate performance reliability. This 5.45x39.5 ammo come in sealed cans of 1080 rounds, 30 rounds per package. this 5.45x39 AK-74 ammo is perfect for long term storage in hermetically sealed cans that keep your ammo like-new for generations to come. If you are looking for the the best quality original ammo for your AK-74, this is the stuff.


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