Special Purchase - 75 round AK-47 Drum Magazine - New Romanian - 7.62x39


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Ammo is not included, this item is just for the magazine

Works with all 7.62x39 cal AK style rifles and pistols that accept high capacity mags. The unique design makes loading a breeze, just like Chinese made drums of the old days! Easy to load and use. These are tons of fun for the guys and girls that love to shoot a large volume at the range.

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Customer Reviews

Just got in didn't get chance to shoot with it yet, but it fits and loads perfectly. Shipping was super fast asides from coming delivered in a heavy coat of oil everything was great. Thanks SGammo for coming through on my order. I will definitely be ordering again.
Brand spanking new, fantastic quality. Can't beat the price!
Brand-new perfect condition works great !!
Mag restrictions got lifted and didn't wait to order. Works well and easy to use. Fits very tight, have to put it in just right. Removes easy. Well worth the money.
I purchased two of these awhile back and they are easy to load and feed well, no issues. One of the cool things about these drums is that you can load them up and just let them sit without winding up the tensioner. Until your ready to head to the range, you can already have it preloaded and just wind it up when your ready to spray some targets.
Very easy to load, and very reliable with the hundreds of rounds that I've put through this drum. No complaints, will be purchasing another in the future.
I ordered this product with another, but I recieved exactly what the description and pictures show. It is packaged as you see in the pics inside a cardboard box. It does have some type of oil, which I just wiped down. Brand new perfectly functioning drum mag that says it's made in Romania on the twist tensioning handle of the drum. Very happy with this product, service, and site/company. I highly suggest getting one while they are available.