20 Round Box - 223 ADI OutBack 69 Grain BTHP SIERRA MATCH-KING Ammo - AOB223SMK

20 Round Box - 223 ADI OutBack 69 Grain BTHP SIERRA MATCH-KING Ammo - AOB223SMK

20 Round Box - 223 ADI OutBack 69 Grain BTHP SIERRA MATCH-KING Ammo - AOB223SMK20 Round Box - 223 ADI OutBack 69 Grain BTHP SIERRA MATCH-KING Ammo - AOB223SMK
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SKU: AOB223SMK- 20pk

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Customer Reviews

Witnessed my Brother in Arms(USMC) achieve sub-moa results with this ammo in his first string of shots after I helped him get the rifle, PWS MK116 mod-1, dialed in during a cold rainy day. But as we Marines say, "If it ain't rainin' we ain't trainin". The first 3 shots we touching and the following 2 we close by, all well within the 1 inch square with plenty of room to spare. I easily conclude that this ammo is accurate in the right barrel and set up and is economically priced to boot. We only had a 1-4 zoom which wasn't ideal however it can be good to learn to do with less. The rifle barrel was properly Broken in, cleaning between each shot which I highly recommend. Now if stock can return so that I canvimprove upon the already proficient results.
This is some good ammo. Brand new Mini 14, 3 rounds less than .5. New rifle, first three rounds down range. First 3 rounds. Cleaning barrel now, but I'm going to crono, gather more info. I will follow up, to include a DPMS AR. I got to try some more of this stuff. SG will make it happen I'm sure. Great folks.
Very accurate ammo. 2 different lot#s both shot 1" and less at 100 yards in three separate AR-15's. Match quality at half the price of others.
This is some of the most velocity consistent factory ammo I have ever used. Just chronoed it with a SD of 11fps and extreme spread of 34 FPS out of a 16" 1:7 twist AR. If you reload... The case weight is more consistent than HDY, LC or PPU. Haven't had a chance to check group size yet.... springtime I hope.
Shoots very, very well from my Adams Arms piston AR.
Shot this ammo in an AR platform with a 24 inch heavy barrel. After final sight in of scope I was consistently shooting 1.5 inch or less groups at 200 yards. Good ammo at a good price. Will be buying more.
Just got back from the range after purchasing a box of this (ADI 69gr), Hornady Match 75gr, PMC Match 77gr, and Prvi Partizan 69gr. It might just be my rifle (Savage Axis, 1/9 twist, timney trigger), but this ADI and the Prvi shot 1/2" groups, all touching, at 100 yards. The other 2 boxes were 1.25" groups, none touching, at 100 yards. The better groups happened to be with the much less expensive ammo! This ADI ammo was boxed so carefully and was amazed when I pulled it out. Well done ADI.
This 223 match ADI ammunition shoots better then federal gold medal match and Hornady, Plus it cost half as much. I haven't had a chance to test the BTI factor because it's just been hot. When the Cold weather comes I'll test that out but for now I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with three-quarter inch groups in hundred degree weather
This ammunition is the most carefully and thoughtfully packaged ammunition I have ever seen in 223. Each cartridge is firmly isolated from each other. Truly amazing work. The box is larger than other 223 boxes, by far. This is to give each round space in shipment and transportation to the range. That care and attention to detail is startling considering the quality of materials (Sierra bullets, high-quality powder, etc). How do they do all of that for the wonderful price? I look forward to trying it down a couple of different barrels soon.