100 rd Case - 50 cal BMG Lake City Federal M33 Ball 660 grain FMJ Ammo

SGAmmo.com | Bulk 50 BMG caliber M33 Ball ammo for Barrett and Armalie .50 rifle10rd - 50 cal BMG Lake City Federal M33 Ball ammo ammunition
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100 rounds of Federal Lake City 50 caliber ammunition in 10 round boxes for sale at www.SGAmmo.com, the best source online for ammunition sales. This .50 BMG caliber ammo is FMJ M33 Ball. This ammo is in Federal Packaging. Recent production. This ammo is boxer primer, non-corrosive and should reload well. 100 rounds in a full case. This is the ideal 50 BMG cal ammo for target/range use, long term stock-piling and all purpose shooting. A perfect ammo choice for your Barrett M82, Armalite AR-50 or other 50 caliber rifle. This 50 cal ammo is made in the USA and warrantied by the manufacturere Federal Ammo / ATK, for quality that you can trust at an affordable price.