50 round box - 40 cal Federal Hydra Shok LE 180 grain Hollow Point Ammo - P40HS1G

Federal LE Law Enforcement ammo in stock www.SGAmmo.com P40HS1GBuy Federal LE Hydra-Shok 40 cal S&W ammo P40HS1G for Sale www.SGAmmo.comcheapest prices for Federal LE Ammo in stock www.SGAmmo.com 40 cal S&W 180 grain
buy 40 cal federal LE hydra shok ammo ammunition for sale
20 or more$26.95

50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case. Federal Hydrashok .40 S&W cal 180 grain Hollow point ammo for sale. One of federals best Law enforcement ammunition loads that has proven its performance for decades. Hydra-shok is one of the best types of hollow point ammunition made today. It offers the hard hitting, deep penetrating hydrashok bullet, nickel plated brass cases that resist corrosion and oxidation for smooth function for years to come. The nickel plated brass makes this a great choice for ammunition for long term storage as well. Federal LE Hydrashok ammunition is a great type of ammo for personal protection, concealed carry, law enforcement, security or any application where your life may be on the line. Also these are the 50 round boxes of 40 S&W cal hydrashok ammo for sale, not the little 20 rounders that cost so much more per round. That makes them one of the best values and lowest price per round ammunition options for ammo of this type. At SGAmmo.com we only accept orders for in stock items and ship your ammo right away - No long waits, no back-orders, period.

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