50 round box - 40 HST 180 grain Federal hollow point ammo P40HST1

50 round box - 40 HST 180 grain Federal hollow point ammo P40HST1

50 round box - 40 HST 180 grain Federal hollow point ammo P40HST150 round box - 40 HST 180 grain Federal hollow point ammo P40HST150 round box - 40 HST 180 grain Federal hollow point ammo P40HST1
50 round box - 40 HST 180 grain Federal hollow point ammo P40HST1
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Federal LE HST 180 grain 40 caliber hollow point ammo for sale. As Federal's most popular hollow point ammunition design, HST offers optimal performance for personal protection and defensive applications. Federal Tactical HST ammunition is designed for law enforcement in mind, but is ideal ammo for home protection, concealed carry, and security services. This ammo features nickel plated brass cases, non-corrosive boxer primers, and sealed primers and case mouth to protect the cartridge from moisture. The .40 S&W caliber Federal HST load performs to the highest expectations with hard hitting energy and a deep penetrating bullet that offers excellent expansion and penetration. Federal Tactical HST ammunition is a favorite among tactical handgun shooting enthusiasts who have come to accept only the best quality ammo money can buy. At SGAmmo.com we strive to provide members of the shooting sports community with the best ammo at some of the lowest prices in the business and at the same time we seek to make the transaction easy, quick and efficient. We only accept orders for in-stock ammo and ship those orders out within 1 to 2 business days.

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Customer Reviews

Purchased more of this ammo recently and am very pleased. Would like to second the comment dated 11/12/2016 about SGAmmo. You guys are the BEST !! SG carries the best ammo available at some of the best prices. Many times the price of a box of 50 carts. is the same or even less than other places sell boxes of 20 !! Fast & well packaged orders. Keep it up !!
As a former Police Officer I will tell you, this is the only duty round we carried. Federal through their tough FBI testing, proved the HST in all calibers was the winner. Listen, as you see more chaos on our streets, Americans are faced with a big increase in drugs like Flacca, PCP and others. These drugs give the user super human strength, and many times officers are not able to stop these drug crazed people. I never feared those drug isers, if it ever came to a life or death situation. I carried this 180 grain flying Cadillac. It hits hard hard, and the expansion is just incredible, with petals opened up to maximum size. Today, I still carry only the Federal HST round for defending myself. There is nothing that I believe can match this 180 grain monster. SG has always been our place to go for ammo needs, great people.
This is the best self defense ammo on the market today. Massive stopping power, expansion beyond impressive, and no jacket separation. This bullet is now our only conceal carry round. We have carried the Speer 180gr and others, but testing this ammo at the range was incredible. We noticed in the range testing, this bullet hitting a hard board object, did not expand at all. When we used gel block and 5 layers of denim we got a perfect petal expansion, penetration to 12 1/2 inches. The petals on this expanded bullet are razor sharp. I would like to see SG Ammo carry this ammo more. It is better than the T by Winchester. I was shocked at the performance of this ammo. Have ordered more of the HST 180 gr In a note I want to compliment SG Ammo for not only giving us fair prices on ammo, but carrying the best they can find. The shipping is fast, and the most reasonable priced of any ammo seller online to date. Me and my family and friends love SG Ammo.
If a person is needing a good carry load, this is my first choice. Both me and my wife carry the 180 grain Federal HST. Have been customers of S G Ammo for years. We like the prices and the quality ammunition.
The baddest self defense hollowpoint ever manufactured! I love sgammo!
These Federal HST bullets have shown in alot of tests to be much better than most others. I have bought this 180gr and on the range, I can't tell you how impressive it performs. We are living in really dangerous times and you need to know the bullet you carry will protect you from an attacker. Every test I have looked at confirms this is the only bullet to carry in your pistol. SG AMMO has great prices and their line of ammo is fantastic. I really like SG and these HST'S.
This Federal HST 180GR 40cal bullet puts the Winchester Ranger to shame. This bullet is manufactured is such a way, the expansion peels back like a banana, and petals almost the size of a Daisy flower. The design has been tested extensively for some of the worst scenarios, and the tests I believe do rate #1 above ALL other self defense and law enforcement loads. I can't say in words how much I love SGAMMO! Sam and Lala bring us the very finest ammo, and the cost is clearly the cheapest you will find anywhere. If you own a 40cal and are looking for a bullet that will not fail to protect you and your family, in a worst case scenario, ie a perp high on bath salts, or meth or any other drug, this bullet is the leader by far and away. Many people still fawn over the Ranger T Series available only to law enforcement, but if you take a few minutes and look at the ballistic stats on the HST vs Ranger T or the Speer 180gr, you will be convinced Federal HST has the #1 slot for a damn good reason. Again, SGAMMO I love you, the great prices, low shipping prices and excellent service. Keep up the great job guys!
Christie, try to do some testing of your own before you put the T-Series above this stuff. Like so many others, I feel the HST in ANY caliber is the number one choice for saving your life. I've done some primitive testing and I absolutely love this stuff better than any other round. And yes, SGAmmo has the best price and service than anyone out there. These people are gonna put me in the poor-house. LOL
One awesome round.
Handsdown the Federal 40Cal HST 180GR is the baddest bullet I have ever seen! This bad boy whips the Winchester Ranger T in too many tests. When it is your life, or the life of your family, SGAMMO puys the KAPOW in offering this ammo and at great prices. Federal HST 40CAL 180GR is untouchable by any other brand. I LOVE SGAMMO!