50 round box - 40 HST Federal LE 165 grain hollow point ammo - P40HST3

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Quantity in Stock:101
20 or more$21.45
SKU: P40HST3-50

50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case

40 HST Federal LE 165gr P40HST3 ammo, as pictured

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Customer Reviews

My prefered "bad Guy" carry ammo in my S&W Shield for'te hard to beat the Federal HST and the great price at SGammo !
You cant beat the price on this ammo. i prefer the 180gr version beter because it expands beter because of the deeper notches in the jaccket but i keep some of theses in my spare mags because of the lighter weight
I like how much gap the jacketed cavity it has & also, perfect carry weight!!
Great ammo! I haven't shot anything living with it but it's extremely accurate and feeds perfectly through my HK P30L. SGAmmo's price is terrific, with 50 rounds being about the same price as the 20 round boxes are locally. Great shipping rates and good service, too. Thanks, SGAmmo! This is why you're my go-to folks for online ammo.