50 round box - 45 Auto Federal HST 230 grain HP hollow point LE ammo P45HST2

50 round box - 45 Auto Federal HST 230 grain HP hollow point LE ammo P45HST2

50 round box - 45 Auto Federal HST 230 grain HP hollow point LE ammo P45HST2 50 round box - 45 Auto Federal HST 230 grain HP hollow point LE ammo P45HST2
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50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case. Federal HST 45 Auto 230 grain Hollow point standard pressure ammo for sale, SKU # P45HST2. This is one of Federals best law enforcement ammunition loads and ideal for personal protection, concealed carry, home defense, or security applications. This ammo features the popular "Hi-SHOK Two" (HST) bullet which is considered by many tactical handgun shooters to be the best hollow point ammo made today. Federal HST Ammunition offers reliable and consistent expansion and deep penetration for maximum terminal performance. HST features specially designed hollow-point tip won't plug while passing through a variety of barriers and the bullet holds its jacket in the toughest conditions. The HST projectile is designed to provide 100% weight retention through most barriers while maintaining impressive expansion. At SGAmmo.com we have been selling Federal HST in all calibers and types as available to us, but supplies have been limited in the wholesale market so do not miss out on what HST ammo is in-stock today.

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Customer Reviews

Ordered Wednesday 9/14/16 and received Monday 9/19/16. Online ordering is clear, fast and accurate. Ammo was packed well and in excellent condition. Good price for ammo and shipping as usual. Get all my pistol ammo from SGAmmo. Never had a problem with any order.
Ordered on sept 27th rec Oct.3rd.fast service and excellent quality customer service.will use agammo for all my orders from now on.thanks sgammo.best prices and service ever. Steve
This ammo performs flawlessly in my Kimber Compact. Also, SGAmmo's price and shipment performance is exceptional.
Excellent Ammo
Just received my order of HSTs and Gold Dots in record time. Both 45, 230gr, standard pressure. I'm new to 45s and wish that manufacturers identify a range line that most replicates the expensive defense rounds. I've never seen this issue addresses in reviews of the various ammo. For example, if Speer wants to keep all of my business. They already know that I'm only going to do limited practice with Gold Dot rounds. Why not give me a "compatible" Lawman series because, right now, I'm going to buy my 1,000 rounds of FMJ from Freedom Munitions which is my favorite performing rounds at the cheapest price. If I knew that a Lawman round was compatible to the recoil and targeting of a Gold Dot, I might spend a few extra bucks for FMJ to obtain the confidence that a very similar round would bring. If the manufacturers aren't interesting in this marketing, it would be nice to opinions as to these pairings from the ammo testers on YouTube.
I use this ammo with my XD Mod.2 and the Ruger American Pistol. I've yet to have any failures and I get consistent tight grouping over and over again. SGAmmo usually has the best price online and service/delivery is quick and accurate.
This is a very high quality round. Unfortunately, it's a somewhat harder to control in my G30s than I would like. Practicing with Speer Lawman 230 then loading up this round it's obvious that I can't get the sights back on target as quick as I'd like. No doubt it's my own abilities and personal preference to blame. But I'm going to transition to the Gold Dot 230, it's more inline with the 230 Lawman's characteristics. I will continue to use the HST in my 1911, which controls recoil much better for me.
To other reviewers, stop telling people about this ammo. Tell them it's no good, it's hard enough to get without everyone knowing about it. Seriously though, if you're serious about self-defense this ammo and I mean all the HST line is about as good as it gets. Reliable, consistent and accurate you can't go wrong. Just don't buy all of it, leave me some.
This ammo is very accurate (even for my average skills), has very manageable recoil, and has not had any kind of failures after 85 rounds thru my Glock G30s. There's a ballistics test done in Oct.'15 that shows five shots thru ballistics gel with 4 layers of clothing- all shots expanded w/an avg of .85" and an avg penetration of 14.9". It is worthy of my trust......
I shoot a lot of .45acp. I think we have a winner with this one. It is accurate which is number one, it expands like nothing I have ever shot and does a LOT of damage while doing it. I was pretty sold on the Speer Gold Dot, which is still a very good round but I think this one has it beat if only slightly. In a jug line test yesterday shooting these out of a Long Slide Hardballer at about fifteen feet I got a bath when the first jug just exploded, number two was split completely in half and three had a huge hole in it. Jug four went flying but the bullet was still inside of it, expanded to almost an inch. Perfect, nasty looking mushroom with six sharp vanes of lead on it and the jacket folded clear around touching the base of the bullet. Bear in mind the Hardballer is a seven inch barrel and shoots a bit harder than a standard five inch 1911. Both the gold dots and the golden sabers fully expand in my Bond Arms backup derringer and I'm curious to see what these do in it, 2 1/2 inch barrel. There are a lot of good hollow points out there now but I'm not sure Federal hasn't taken the number one position with this one!