50 Round Box - 9mm Federal HST 124 Grain JHP Hollow Point LE Ammo P9HST1 - Limit 20

Federal 9mm luger HST 124 grain ammo for sale online www.SGAmmo.com buy P9HST1 HST ammo for sale www.SGAmmo.com Federal 9mm Hi-Shok Two ammunitionHST ammo for sale P9HST1 P9HST2 P9HST3 P9HST4 In-stock at www.SGAmmo.com
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A maximum order of 20 is allowed
20 or more$23.95
A maximum order of 20 is allowed.

50 round box of 9mm Luger Federal HST 124gr Hollow point ammunition for sale. Order 20 boxes to get a full case. HST is one of federals best Law enforcement loads. Looking for top quality ammo for personal protection, security, law enforcement, home defense, or any application where your life is on the line? Federal Tactical HST is the ideal ammunition for any such application. Federal tactical HST ammo offers top level terminal performance for stopping bad guys in their tracks. If you want one of the best hollow point ammunition options for your personal supply, HST is the ammunition to get. Many tactical handgun shooters believe that federal HST is the best hollow point ammo currently on the market. Federal HST is normally reserved for law enforcement only, but here at www.SGAmmo.com we were able to get some of this great ammo that we can offer to all of our consumer clients and at a great low price per round for top-tier 9mm Luger ammunition. At SGAmmo.com we know that it takes more than low competitive prices to keep your business which is why we do our best to quickly and efficiently process and ship your order and carefully package the ammo in the shipment so that it arrives to you in good condition. At SGAmmo we pack your order the same way we would want it packed if we were the receiver. Make sure to review all of our HST and other 9mm ammo, SGAmmo.com stocks one of the best selections of popular ammunition on the internet with cheap prices on quality products.

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Customer Reviews

Nice clean rounds and great groupings. I could feel the difference in quality from the standard range rounds. The ballistics are solid. This is a must buy for self defense.
Recently Purchased Ruger LCR 9mm. Ordered this ammo in anticipation of function testing. After having in store gunsmith change out stock blade front sight to XS standard tritium dot sight, put 15 rounds down range. Very satisfied with performance in regards to very manageable recoil, muzzle flip and muzzle flash. It's as accurate as the shooter at 21'. Did not feel the need for P+ ammo in snub nose revolver, in reading reviews for self defense, this was rated top of the list
I'm a new customer. My order arrived today and I am very pleased. First quality factory packaged ammo at a great price. Your website is easy to use and shipping was fast. Great communication and customer service. I'll be back again!
The perfect round for the Glock 43, my EDC what a great ammo and self defense combo!
Very good ammo!
Good stuff. My US Marshall buddy carries it. Good enough for the civilian.
Simply the best...
after watching countless video reviews about the ballistics and fbi protocol tests, i ordered the hst 124g and this ammo is the gold standard in defense ammo. Extremely accurate even out of a short barrel pistol. Its standard pressure, but you definitely can feel a little "something extra" when you shoot it. Penetration and expansion are ideal.
Great ammo! SGAmmo is one of the few places that carries the 50 round boxes and has the lowest price I've found. From everything I've read this round has a great track record in police shootings. It runs through all my guns just fine and is very accurate.
As usual, very fast shipping and excellent packaging. Great price on hard to find ammo.