SALE - 500 round case - 7.62x39 SST Hornady steel case ammo - 8078 - 7.62x39 Hornady # 8078 For Sale Per - 7.62x39 Hornady # 8078 Cheapest/Lowest Price Per Case
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500 round case of 7.62x39 SST Hornady steel case ammo item # 8078 for sale at, the best online store for ammunition sales with fast order processing and shipping and careful packaging of every order. Hornady 7.62x39 SST ammo offers the AK47 and SKS shooters a high performance ammunition option for Hunting, personal protection, match competition and just a great type of 7.62x39 ammo for having in your stock pile. This is the top-quality 7.62x39 AK ammo you have been looking for for best accuracy and knock down power. The 7.62x39 is loaded with Hornady SST bullets and carefully chosen propellants, and all loading is done at the Hornady factory. Collectors and practical rifle enthusiasts will appreciate this high-quality, affordably-priced offering from Hornady – a fantastic addition that will compliment new and traditional rifles chambered for this storied cartridge.

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If you are looking for hunting or self defense ammo for your ak or sks look no further. This ammo is very reliable, highly accurate, and great knock down. Hornady is known for making some of the best ammunition around. I spend several hours a week looking at ammo and for the most part order from SGAmmo. They seem to have the most competitive pricing online. Not to mention their fast and reliable shipping.