1000 round case - 9x18 Makarov 94 Grain FMJ Ammo - Silver Bear with Zinc Plated Steel Case - Mfg by Barnaul in Russia

Silver Bear 9mm Makarov Ammunition - 94 Grain FMJ - Best Deal Per CaseSilver Bear 9mm Makarov Ammunition - 94 Grain FMJ - Lowest Price Per Case
Estimated Shipping Cost: $15.00
Estimated Shipping for 2: $25.00
1 or more$239.80
SKU: 918SBFMJ-1000

50 rounds per box, 1000 rounds case.

9x18 Makarov FMJ ammunition. This ammo is Steel case, non-corrosive, non-reloadable. This ammo is for use in Eastern European military surplus pistols. 9mm Makarov is not the same as regular 9mm Luger, so make sure you are buying the correct caliber cartridge.

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Customer Reviews

These worked flawlessly in my CZ82 (1000+ rounds so far). I tried a 50 round box of the Brown Bear ammo and it had a lot of jams in the same CZ82.