1000 round case - 9mm NATO 124 grain FMJ Ammo - made by MEN in Germany - MEN9B

1000 round case - 9mm NATO 124 grain FMJ Ammo - made by MEN in Germany - MEN9B

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Finest quality import 9mm ammo made to German military specifications, this ammo is exceptionally clean and consistent.

1000 round case of 9mm NATO (9mm Luger) 124 grain FMJ Ammo for sale, made by MEN in Germany - MEN9B. Real German Military manufacture 9mm NATO ammo, brass case, boxer primer non-corrosive. Please note that this 9mm NATO is made to German military spec, and is not 'M882' spec which many clients are more familiar with. This ammo is not +P and the primers are not crimped as is customary with the more commonly seen M882 9mm NATO. This ammo is absolutely beautiful, super clean and consistently loaded 9mm NATO ammo and ideal for both semi auto pistols and SMG use. Projectile is non-magnetic. If you like fine quality import ammo give this one a try.

Customer Reviews

Excellent, high quality ammunition. Burns clean, flawless function with all of my Walthers. This ammo is almost too beautiful to shoot! I'm serious... it looks like jewelry!
This German ammo works wunderbar in my SP5K -- of course.
Put 600 rounds through a sig P229, beretta 92, px4, and a kahr k9 with no issues. Great ammo.
1st time purchase from SGAmmo and took a chance on the MEN 9B based upon reviews below. First of all, SGAmmo provided the kind of service that leaves you speechless. Two days from order to doorstep, well packaged, great ammo! Never shot this stuff before, but flawless and accurate out of my G34 & G43. SGAmmo pricing for 9mm and 7.62 are so competitive I can't justify reloading either of these cartridges in the immediate future! Feels great to just shoot and not worry about sweeping brass! Thanks SG!
Fantastic Ammo. Have had zero issues with all of my pistols. Very well made. Not really dirty either. Highly recommended.
Got 510 rounds of this recently- hit the range to chrono & test on 11APR17. Results as follows: Glock 19 10 rounds AVG:1068 E.S: 45 High:1085 Low:1040 Glock 17 10 rounds AVG:1085 E.S:35 High:1104 Low:1069 Ammo was 100% reliable with about 250 rounds fired. Also accurate-especially out of the G17. Ammo is NOT +P. VERY clean & bright ammo- Ill buy more.
Just as nice as everyone says, clean and powerful. Will buy again
I've put over 1,000 rounds of this through my MK25 with ZERO problems. Highly recommended.
Great ammo and no problems in Sig or Glock. Highly recommend
Just bought a few more thousand of these. Shot them in my Sig X5 L1, better groups than other factory ammo. Shoots just as well as my handloads that I worked up for the Sig 9mm guns. Very clean, good stuff. I am just wishing I bought more of this instead of the other ammo....worth a few more bucks, for sure.