50 round box - 40 cal Winchester Ranger 180 grain Bonded JHP Ammo RA40B

buy Winchester Ranger RA40B Bonded 40 S&W cal ammo for sale online SGAmmo.com
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50 rounds per box. Order 10 boxes to get a factory full case.

Ranger 40 caliber ammunition with a bonded hollow point 180 grain bullet. Winchester number RA40B. This is one of the most powerful and advanced 40 cal hollow point loads available. Bonded bullets outperform traditional hollow points in penetration through a variety of barriers, while maintaining excellent expansion.

Please note that this ammo has sealed primers, which will result in some rounds having a little bit of polish media stuck the the headstamp that looks like grime on the primer area. People who are not familiar with sealer primers often find that alarming, however it is normal and a sign of good quality and if you like you can wipe it off with a rag.

Customer Reviews

A PERENNIAL FAVORITE of mine and is one of two rounds (the other is SGAmmo's 155 grain Federal HST) I use for EDC. Gorgeous ammo. Primer is sealed. None finer although seldom equalled in visual quality and performance.