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Fiocchi Ammunition is made both in Italy and in the USA. Fiocchi Ammunition was founded in 1876 manufacturing hunting and sporting ammunition and is headquartered in Lecco Italy. Fiocchi became a main supplier of ammunition to the Italian army during WWI. The Fiocchi factory was captured by the Nazis in WWII. As defeat became imminent, the Nazis attempted to destroy the plant to keep it out of allied control but were thwarted by factory workers, however the factory was later destroyed by an American and British air strike. After the war the factory was rebuilt and modernized. Today Fiocchi currently has about four hundred and fifty employees. Annually it produces tens of millions of rounds of military ammunition, 1.2 billion shotgun primers, about seventy million shotgun shells sold under its name. Fiocchi of Italy also produces extremely large quantities of commercial pistol and rifle ammunition for sale to the USA sporting market. Fiocchi also has a domestic ammunition manufacturing facility on Ozark Missouri that manufactures a wide range of high quality ammunition. Fiocchi ammunition is one of the most popular types of ammunition sold at SGAmmo. Fiocchi uses reloadable brass cases and non-corrosive boxer primers and has been one of the most trouble-free brands of ammo that we stock. If you are looking to buy Fiocchi ammo online you have come to the right place. At we have a wide variety of Fiocchi ammo for sale at the lowest prices online.

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