1020 Rounds - 5.56mm M193 56 Grain FMJ Military Ammo Made by MEN in Germany - MEN556A

1020 Rounds - 5.56mm M193 56 Grain FMJ Military Ammo Made by MEN in Germany - MEN556A

1020 Rounds - 5.56mm M193 56 Grain FMJ Military Ammo Made by MEN in Germany - MEN556A1020 Rounds - 5.56mm M193 56 Grain FMJ Military Ammo Made by MEN in Germany - MEN556A
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SKU: MEN556A - 2 cases

2 x 510 round cases of 5.56mm M193 56 Grain FMJ Boat Tail Military Ammo for same, Made by MEN in Germany, SKU number MEN556A

2016 manufacture - Brass case, copper jacket non-magnetic bullet, boxer primer, non-corrosive, ball powder. Great ammo, limited supplies. 30 rounds per box, 17 boxes per case

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Customer Reviews

Lenny here that German made 556 is great NEVER EVER hah a failure or malfunction. On my second box of 1020 rounds going to buy a 3rd. One.
I just got my shipment in the other day. I ordered 1020 rounds of 5.56 MEN and its staggering quality. The brass is very clean and has a glassy appearance versus any other M193 I have found. Knowing its German made, I can only assume its probably close to match quality right out of the box. I like how they package it in 30 round boxes so you can load the whole mag with one box instead of doing it the Russian way (opening multiple boxes of 20). The generic packaging can fool you into thinking that the ammunition isn't good at all but in reality its the complete opposite. The nice thing about generic packaging is it has everything you need to know like the lot number right on the front of the box in big letters, so its easy to find and it saves money on advertising. However, despite all of the positives its still .31 cents per round; yet rightfully so. Versus the alternative such as IMI which is loaded really hot or Lake City XM193 which is the stuff the military didn't really want I am glad to accept nice clean and consistent MEN that I know works. You might want to get your hands on some of this ammo and sell your old stock to make up the difference because its really great stuff. Basically a trade-in for better ammo.
More accurate than the IMI 5.56 ammo in my 14.5" Daniel Defense barrel, 1/7 twist.
Great ammo I had great accuracy with it and it was clean shooting with zero problems. Thank you Sgammo for for having great pricing on this quality ammo. I can't wait to order more from you guys and tell all my friends to order from you as well. Hands down the best place to get ammo online.
I couldn’t be happier with these rounds and SF Ammo. I managed a 20 shot group with a 16” barreled Stag AR under 3” rapid fire. What more can you ask for? At this price this ammo is a steal, I highly recommend!
Bought a thousand rounds of this stuff and wow it is excellent! My 10.3in Mk18 loves it (and its a picky bastard) and it performed beautifully out to 200M at my last rifle match. This ammo is just a cut above and you can tell even by simply looking at it. I’ll almost exclusively be running this stuff for M193. Sgammo also handled my order flawlessly and I’ll happily continue doing business with them.
I ordered a case of this stuff due to competitive price. It’s my 1st time ordering from SGammo. Am I happy I found this site . Will definitely be ordering another 2 cases. . When I received it I inspected it and the brass was nice and shinny. Shot over 250 rds through my sig m400 enhanced without any jams or hiccups. Will be ordering more in a few weeks
Just received my first two cases of this ammo. Have yet to shoot it, but if it shoots as good as it looks (much cleaner then most M193) and all the reviews I've read claim, it should be some great M193 ammo. Look forward to getting to the range with this stuff. Thanks for another great product and amazing service as always!
Don’t shoot nothing but this ammo on all my H&K weapons , MEN accuracy is second to none,super clean Without one single malfunctionfor the past 3 years! Grab it while still available ( usually once a year) trust me you won’t regret it.
Pristine German engineering. Anyone know what about the terminal ballistics?