420 Round Can - 5.56 mm XM855LC1AC1 Lake City M855 Green Tip Ammo with AR15 Strippers - Guide - Ammo can

420 Round Can - 5.56 mm XM855LC1AC1 Lake City  M855 Green Tip Ammo with AR15 Strippers - Guide - Ammo can

420 Round Can - 5.56 mm XM855LC1AC1 Lake City  M855 Green Tip Ammo with AR15 Strippers - Guide - Ammo can 420 Round Can - 5.56 mm XM855LC1AC1 Lake City  M855 Green Tip Ammo with AR15 Strippers - Guide - Ammo can 420 Round Can - 5.56 mm XM855LC1AC1 Lake City  M855 Green Tip Ammo with AR15 Strippers - Guide - Ammo can
420 Round Can - 5.56 mm XM855LC1AC1 Lake City  M855 Green Tip Ammo with AR15 Strippers - Guide - Ammo can
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420 round can of 5.56 mm XM855 LC1AC1 Lake City M855 Green Tip Ammo with AR15 Strippers - Guide - Ammo can for sale at www.SGAmmo.com. Lake City XM855 ammo packed on stripper clips in an ammo can for sale. Federal Lake City 5.56 XM855 ammo with a 62 grain FMJ green tip penetrator bullet for sale at SGAmmo.com, the best online store for ammunition sales at cheap prices. We only accept orders for in-stock ammo that is ready to ship, and provide quick efficient order processing and shipping of your ammunition by UPS ground. Make sure to review all of our 223 and 5.56mm ammunition and other products before you buy, at SGAmmo we stock one of the best selections of popular types of pistol, rifle and shotgun ammo for personal protection, law enforcement, and target practice / range use.

This Lake City 5.56mm XM855 ammo comes on stripper clips in an ammo can just like the packaging they do for the military. This is the perfect ammo for AR-15 type rifles. Bullet weight is 62 grain with a copper jacket and hard steel penetrater in the core for exceptional penetration of a variety of barriers. The case is brass with a non-corrosive boxer primer and can be reloaded after use if you are into that. This is the same ammo as used by the US Military. This ammunition has been exceptionally good stuff, beautiful ammo, extremely reliable and consistent for Lake City ammo. Cans will be zip-tied, not wire tied as pictured

Federal XM855 made by Lake City arsenal is high quality military type 5.56mm ammunition intended for use in AR15 and other semi-auto rifles with 5.56 marked chambers. Fed X M855 features a reloadable brass case with non-corrosive boxer primer. The bullet is 62 grain and copper jacketed steel core that is easy on your firearms barrel. This is the ideal ammo for AR-15 target shooting, and high volume marksmanship practice. Federal Lake City ammo is manufactured in the USA with facilities located in Independence, Missouri, the same factory that makes the majority of ammunition used by the US military. Bulk ammunition production at the factory brings this product to the US consumer market at a great value with low prices for high quality American made AR-15 ammunition produced by a factory you can trust.

Customer Reviews

Even with shipping, this ammo is 30 dollars cheaper than retail at Walmart. The stripper clips are great for straight magazines, but require some practice to load banana magazines like the mini-14 20 round magazines. These cartridges have dings and dents on them and fire a little dirty. They are perfectly accurate at 150 yards and I have never recovered a ball where the copper/steel/lead has broken apart. This is out of thousands of rounds. This is great ammo for practice (assuming you can use ammo containing steel at your range). I have never had a misfire/failure to feed/failure to eject with this ammo. I use it in a mini-14 and not an AR. I have some family in law enforcement that complain about the dings and dents in the cartridges and possible jamming on three round bursts. This is never a problem that I will have to deal with. The stripper clips hold up well and I often load my match grade or IMI ammo onto the stripper clips for convenience sake. These rounds pack a really decent punch and the penetration is great. I have performed every test on the U.S. Army's checklist for 5.56 ammo and these rounds have never failed. They will penetrate a helmet and various thickness of plating at the ranges required according to the specifications by the military. The small imperfections on the rounds (nearly every round will have some tiny imperfection) don't seem to affect the rounds in a ballistic sense until well after 200 yards. At longer ranges, these rounds will drift in unpredictable fashion. If you are shooting with iron sights or low magnification, these rounds will serve you well. If you need to hit a specific blood cell on your target, look into IMI or match grade ammo, but for a solid round reliable round that will penetrate thin skinned armor the Lake City 62 grain is an excellent round. The only real drawback is that you will eventually end up with so many extra ammo cans that you will be sending your kids to school with their lunches in ammo cans.
Got two cans. Pulled out a 30 round cardboard pack at random, which was marked "XM855". 10 round strippers, new GGG metal clips, LC 17 headstamp. Two spoons included in the can. Rounds look like first quality USGI, no dings or dents on the rounds I checked. I had ordered two cans a couple of days before from one of SG's competitors. The SG arrived before the other order had even shipped. This is in the middle of a mini Panic. I'll be buying more.
This ammo had no dings or dents that I noticed. Could have been the batch from a year ago. Very good deal and you cannot beat Sam's rapid shipping and great packaging.
dings and small dents no matter down range never know, just stock-up as you and yours are on your own, God save America and Mother Texas
Great price. 90% of the casings had small dings and dents, but this is secondary reject, hence being xm855 verses first pick military called m855. Small dings and dents really don't affect performance too much, but if you are looking for a "first round pick" the IMI and xtac m855 look/perform flawless.
Thank you for having the best deals on M855 ammunition online. My ar15 loves this stuff
Best online ammunition sight out there ordered late Monday received my package 3 days later box was in great shape all items inside were in perfect condition better than i could have hoped for i will only do business with sgammo from here on out and will deff recommend it to anyone who shops online.
This is a great deal for 5.56 m855 ammo. I like the packaging with stripper clips in the ammo can, I'm not sure why other brands of ammo don't do the same thing because it's a great idea. I've used Lake City ammunition since the 1990s and I've always had good luck with their products. If you're looking for 5.56 mm m855 then this is one of the best choices in my opinion. I like how this 5.56 ammunition is American-made, unlike so many other types of ammo these days that are imported. Plus the green tip bullet makes it easy to ID the ammunition because I also use m193 and I don't want to mix them up
This is one of my favorite types of AR 15 ammo because it comes on stripper clips ready to load right into my mags. Ammo with this kind of packaging saves a lot of time at the range because it only takes a few seconds to refill the magazine. I also like this particular type of m855 ammo because it is American-made with NATO headstamp and they paint the green tip on the projectile so that I can tell what type of ammo it is just by looking at it. Since the ammo is made by Lake City Arsenal it has been optimized for M-16 rifle's which is the military version of the AR-15, so you can be confident that this type of m855 ammo Will cycle your action smoothly and reliably. It is also pretty accurate for military grade ammunition we like to shoot it at the hundred yard range but it does pretty good out to 300 or 400 yards. Any farther than that I like to get out match grade ammunition like the ADI that they sell here at SGAmmo.com. I would recommend this ammunition for anyone with an AR 15 or 5.56 mm caliber rifle