500 round case - 223 Rem Golden Bear 62 grain Soft Point Steel Case Ammo

500 round case - 223 Rem Golden Bear 62 grain Soft Point Steel Case Ammo

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500 round case of 223 Rem Golden Bear 62 grain soft point Ammo for sale. Brass plated steel case, bi-metal jacketed magnetic 62 grain bullet. A great low cost hunting load for AR15 rifles

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Customer Reviews

I bought a case of this Golden Bear 62gr SP ammo and was pleasantly surprised. I took this out to the range and shot some good little groups with it. I use it for coyotes that hang out around my families land. I have had no malfunctions hang ups or issues while shooting this ammo. SGammo is my favorite store to buy from and I just cannot stay away. Thanks for all of the deals SG.
Kind of expensive for steel case ammo but still great stuff. I like it better than brown bear and wolf but I am not sure it is better than silver bear or not. It does shoot a solid 1.25" group in my scoped AR15 which is good for soft point
This is excellent small to medium sized game ammo. I have taken two whitetails and two hogs with it. All were one shot, dead in their tracks, kills. No tracking as they fell where they were shot.