500 round case - 223 Silver Bear 55 grain Hollow Point ammo by Barnaul - Limit 1

500 round case - 223 Silver Bear 55 grain Hollow Point ammo by Barnaul - Limit 1

500 round case - 223 Silver Bear 55 grain Hollow Point ammo by Barnaul - Limit 1500 round case - 223 Silver Bear 55 grain Hollow Point ammo by Barnaul - Limit 1
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500 round case of 223 Silver Bear 55 grain Hollow Point ammo by Barnaul for sale at www.SGAmmo.com, the online shoppers best website to buy bulk .223 HP ammo with lowest prices and fast shipping on the web. We only accept orders for in-stock ammo that is ready to ship, and provide fast efficient order processing, careful packaging and quick shipping of your ammunition by UPS ground. Make sure to review all my 223 and 5.56mm ammo as well as other ammunition calibers before you buy. We stock one of the best selections of the best types of bulk pistol ammunition, bulk rifle ammunition, and bulk shotgun ammunition for personal protection, training, law enforcement, target practice / range use, hunting or just for stocking up on.

Silver Bear ammo is Russian made by Barnaul, and is some of the finest Russian made 223 / 5.56mm ammunition made in terms of accuracy and reliability. The bullet is 55 grain magnetic hollow point with lead core, and the cartridge case is zinc plated steel and the primer is berdan non-corrosive. This high quality ammo features zinc plated steel case construction hence the “Silver” Bear name. Silver Bear ammunition offers high quality at reasonable prices. This product uses Berdan priming for long shelf life and sure-fire ignition. Silver Bear is loaded to strict standards normally reserved for military specification ammo. This is one of the best types of ammunition for AR-15 and other semi auto rifles if you are looking at low cost steel ammo case options. This ammo is made in Russia by Barnaul. This ammo would be a great choice for low cost hunting ammo, it is also great for recreational shooting and provide ideal function in semi-automatic firearms. The cartridge cases are steel and not reloadable. Silver Bear has a Zinc plated steel case for smooth feeding and extraction. This high quality ammo features distinctive highly polished zinc plating on the cartridge case. Other manufacturers reserve the silver cases for law enforcement, safari and specialty ammo.

The Barnaul Machine Plant JSC is one of the leading producers of industrial goods and ammunition in Russia. The plant's history goes far in the past to the period of Alexander I. The Emperor ordered the opening of the first cartridge plants in St. Petersburg in 1869. During World War I the plant supplied the Russian Army and operated out of St. Petersburg until the Civil War when it moved to the Moscow region. During World War II under the threat of a Moscow siege, by German Forces, the plant was relocated to Barnaul, where the production of various types of cartridges began. Barnaul sent ammunition to the Soviet Army a month later and produced almost 50% of the cartridges used by the Soviet Army. The most substantial plant activity is manufacturing of sport-hunting cartridges for rifle an shotgun cartridges. Barnaul is currently one of the largest suppliers of of cartridges in Russia. It also delivers cartridges regularly to America, Europe and Asia.


Customer Reviews

Very straight shooting ammo. I personally would not shoot this exclusively because it's bi-metal , but if your in a pinch then you're good to go. Some people claim barrel erosion from bi metal bullets. FYI AK47's can fire 20,000 rounds of bi-metal with no problem.