1000 Round Case - 38 Special 130 Grain FMJ Steel Case Ammo by Tulammo

1000 Round Case - 38 Special 130 Grain FMJ Steel Case Ammo by Tulammo

1000 Round Case - 38 Special 130 Grain FMJ Steel Case Ammo by Tulammo1000 Round Case - 38 Special 130 Grain FMJ Steel Case Ammo by Tulammo
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38 Special 130 grain FMJ steel case ammo by Tulammo for sale. This ammo is steel case, non-corrosive, with a magnetic projectile.

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Customer Reviews

Shot this in my Henry big boy. Ammo works okay but sometimes the cases will split and get jammed in the chamber. You need to knock them out from the muzzle
Good ammo in my Henry Big Boy Steel but sometimes cases will split and you need to remove with a cleaning rod from the muzzle. They get stuck and would probably break the extractor if you forced it
I shot this ammo out of a Taurus 617 which is a 2" 7 round gun chambered in .357 mag. The steel cases ejected fairly easily, though not as smoothly as brass or nickel plated brass. The steel cases were difficult to extract when shooting the 357 magnum version of this ammo that is also for sale here. I banged the ejector rod onto a hard surface to get them out. Not ideal and I probably won't shoot it again.
Maybe this is common knowledge, but as Will13 said, I could not extract the shells from my S&W 442 without a great deal of effort. The cases expand and do not contract enough to release from the cylinder. As a consequence, I cannot use them at all. Other pistols, lever action rifles, who knows? YMMV.
I’ve written a couple of reviews previously. This one will be no less positive than the others. So, why write another? Because in my world of ever-diminishing customer service satisfaction, SG Ammo is an ever-gratifying experience. Always the same: low price, low shipping cost, consistent product, and fast service. Anyone who posts a cheaper price usually has some hidden cost that doesn’t show up till you’ve almost completed the purchase! Then, all the sudden, it’s a price that’s significantly higher than the advertised price that got your attention. Nothing like that at SGA.
Fine shooting ammo, at a great price! The only problem I had with this steel case ammo is that the cases stick badly in my 2" S&W revolver, as well as in my 6"S&W revolver. I actually had to tap on the shell extractor with a small plastic mallet to get the shells out. Great expansion for a great seal, but definitely too much expansion. Never had this problem with brass cases. SGAmmo is the best place to purchase ammo. I'm a several times over repeat customer and never even think about purchasing ammo anywhere else.
Thank you Sgammo for your great prices on ammo. This is your 1 stop shop to buy your ammo online with confidence, I always enjoy doing business with you guys and I tell all my friends to order from you.
Works great in my Henry Big Boy Steel 38/357. Super plinking ammo! Will buy again.
Great ammo at a great price!
Best price I've ever found on this ammo! Works great!