50 Round Box - 38 Special +P Remington HTP 110 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Ammo - RTP38S10

50 Round Box - 38 Special +P Remington HTP 110 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Ammo - RTP38S10

50 Round Box - 38 Special +P Remington HTP 110 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Ammo - RTP38S1050 Round Box - 38 Special +P Remington HTP 110 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Ammo - RTP38S10

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50 round box - 38 Special +P Remington HTP 110 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Ammo - RTP38S10

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I have seen mixed reviews about the effectiveness of the Remington 110 GR Semi-Jacketed HP, that's what i have but i realize the Fully Jacketed Hollow Points may be much more effective than the Semi-JHP's. I found some reviews that caused concern about the SJHP 110 Grain +P Rounds especially the penetration of the lightweight 110 Grain +P Cartridges, but I found these rounds to shoot well and the recoil was very managable shooting from Taurus Model 85 Snub Nose Revolver with only a 2" Barre, recoil wasn't bad at all. Again, I'm not sure about Penetration but review say the heavier 125-158 Grain Ammo is a better choice for self defense but one thing is for sure- these Remington HTP 110 Grain Self Defense Bullets are better than nothing and I would trust them, it's not like you're going to be shooting at anything very far away anyway since 90%+ of .38 Special Self Defense Type Revolvers are going to be used at very close range, here is an example of where proper shot placement comes into play- I guarantee that these bullets with neutralize any threat up close as the Gun & Round are designed to be used primarily. That's just my opinion, but I would be willing to bet that this round will not have any trouble penetrating a man/attacker, or vicious dog, etc. at close/typical self-defense ranges which are normally 10-20 feet away. I was impressed with the fairly low recoil of the extra powerful +P Round, however, I'm used to carrying/shooting a GLOCK Model 30 Compact .45 or Full Size Glock 21 .45 and I have always used Federal Hi Shok, Speer Gold Dot, or Winchester PDX1 Defender ACP 230 Grain High Velocity Jacketed Hollow Points, so lots of ammo, actually most sizes like 9mm, .38 Spl. & more feel much easier/controllable to shoot. I've carried a Ruger P90 .45 Springfield XD. 45, Several Glock. 45's, Taurus PT-1911 .45, Kimber Ultra Carry 2 .45, and various others for over 10 years every day so I basically learned how to shoot with a .45 and I prefer them over the many Glock 23/27 .40 S&W & Glock 33 Gen4 Subcompact .357 Sig, Smith & Wesson & Taurus. 357 Magnums, & S&W .44 Magnum, and countless other pistols I've carried over the years, the. 40 & .357 Sig + the others have such dramatic muzzle flip making those crucial follow up shots much harder then they should be in a carry gun in my opinion so I'll carry my trusty Glock Model 30 .45 some but I look forward to carrying them much more compact/lighter/easier to shoot and conceal Stainless Steel Taurus Hammerless .38 Special I acquired this evening for $145 or $150, I like it and it's an attractive gun with the Rosewood Grips/Stainless Frame, I think I'll get a holster for the small of the back or possibly a IWB tmade for the Hammerless Revolver to wear at 7:00-8:00 as I do normally and it'll be Great to not have to wear a heavy duty belt and holster as I do with my normal carry gun because the Revolver is so much smaller + lighter, I will miss the capacity of my Glocks, Springfields, Etc. which is normally 10-14 Rounds depending on which magazine I use but 5 Rounds of 38 Special +P should be sufficient for normal carry purposes, if necessary I can grab my AR or 12 Gauge Shotgun but I've never actually carried a rrevolver before on a daily basis and I'm looking forward to it because of the reasons I mentioned and the overall ease & conveience. I'm going to research the most effective ammo to carry, feel free to comment with any suggestions, as for now ill probably go with Speer Gold Dot JHP 125-158 Grain +P, Golden Saber 125-158 Grain +P JHP's or some Remington Terminal Performance 125-158 Grain +P Ammo, I'll figure it out, feel free to reccomend ammo/a nice holster/& other revolver essentials I'm not familiar with since this is my first carry-specific revolver. Sorry for such a long post but I'm just thinking a lot. God Bless America & Everyone!