50 round box - 40 cal Speer Lawman 165 grain TMJ Ammo - 53955

50 round box - 40 cal Speer Lawman 165 grain TMJ Ammo - 53955

50 round box - 40 cal Speer Lawman 165 grain TMJ Ammo - 5395550 round box - 40 cal Speer Lawman 165 grain TMJ Ammo - 53955

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1000 rounds per case, 50 rounds per box.

40 cal Speer Lawman 165 grain TMJ Ammo , brass case, boxer primer, premium target ammo. Speer Lawman 40 S&W cal# 53955 ammunition has a TMJ (total metal jacket) bullet for reduced lead exposure and a cleaner shooting experience. Speer Lawman ammo is the perfect choice for range use and all purpose ammo for shooting sports. This has been one of our most popular types of 40 caliber ammunition for as long as we have carried it. Once active range / target shooters try using Lawman in their handgun they often come to prefer it over other brands and consider it to be the finest option for target ammo that is made in the USA. Best quality target practice ammo available at a low price. At SGAmmo.com we have been in the online ammo business for over 7 years and in the firearms industry since 2001, all the while conducting a high volume of transactions. Our goal has always been to offer the best ammo deals, low and competitive prices, and easy online ammunition sales for our clients. Our experience in this business is 2nd to none. We also understand you want your ammo right away and in good condition and we will ship your well packaged order within 1 to 2 business days from receiving it.

Lawman Ammunition 40 S&W

Train with ammunition that gives you the feel, performance and edge you need when duty calls. Speer LE Lawman delivers all the performance of premium ammunition for a fraction of the cost. Lawman uses high-value brass cases, CCI primers and Speer TMJ or conventional full metal jacketed bullets. The end result: tight groups and consistent pressure and velocity, every time you squeeze the trigger.

Part Number: 53955
Bullet Style: TMJ FN
Caliber: 40 S&W
Test Barrel Length in Inches: 4
Bullet Weight (Grains/Grams): 165 / 10.69
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.135

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Customer Reviews

I'm definitely a fan of this ammo. After years of primarily target practicing with Winchester white box, I finally came across this Speer Lawman. It seems to be the best practice ammo when paired with equal caliber/ weight Speer Gold Dot, because between them, the TMJ practice ammo is rated to the same velocity as the HHP Gold Dot. Do, you can get a feel for your carry load without paying the price. And of ALL the ammo that I have sampled, this burns the cleanest. If you know how clean CCI Blazer Brass can burn for many set ups, expect nothing less when you look inside your gun after firing this. It's became my only target ammo, my go-to, and obviously my favorite. The price-per-performance exceeds everything I've tried, of course I could be overlooking something. But, ya gotta ask yourself, how much does the "other" ago cost, and is that worth paying the premium price when less literally and absolutely gets you MORE when buying Lawman. Last thing, I've shot a few short pieces of firewood, in varying sizes, and I'm not worried about the TMJ coating being "weaker" than the FMJ coating, because all the Lawman ammo I've tested went through just as much wood, if not more, I believe, and ends up barely being bent up... exactly what I've seen from FMJ bullets, they will get warped when shot at very hard wood.