500 Round Case - 40 cal SW Winchester Ranger 180 grain FMJ Ammo - ZQ4360

500 Round Case - 40 cal SW Winchester Ranger 180 grain FMJ Ammo - ZQ4360

500 Round Case - 40 cal SW Winchester Ranger 180 grain FMJ Ammo - ZQ4360500 Round Case - 40 cal SW Winchester Ranger 180 grain FMJ Ammo - ZQ4360
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40 cal SW Winchester Ranger 180 grain FMJ ZQ4360 ammo is a government contract overrun product manufactured by Winchester for training / target practice applications. These sort of government contact leftovers are some of the best values for low priced range ammo we get to offer here at SGAmmo.com.  Ammunition like this only comes around once in a while so supplies are limited. If you like high quality ammo at a discounted low price then this might be the ammunition for you. This ammo is one of the best values we have been able to offer recently in ammunition of  the caliber .40 S&W. At SGAmmo.com we know that no one wants to wait for something they have ordered. With that in mind we only accept orders for in-stock ammo that is ready to ship right away and promise to make quick work of your shipment and get it out the door via UPS and heading your way within 1-2 business days from when you place it.

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Customer Reviews

I bought 500 rounds of this stuff for my Springfield XD40. I have never had any brand of ammo not go through this pistol until this stuff. The gun was cleaned and well oiled before shooting this ammo and several times the slide would lock back as if the magazine were empty but it was not empty. Not sure what's going on? Light on powder in these bullets perhaps?
This is excellent 40S&W ammo. I doubt you'll find anything of comparable quality for close to the same price. I put 500 rounds of this through my issued Glock 22 and will be ordering more while they still have it.
This is actually my second review of this ammo. Purchase some before it is gone!. This is premium ammo at an incredible price. The Walmart near me sells this exact ammo at 17.99/box. if you purchase 500 rounds from SGammo, even with shipping, you are saving more than 50 dollars at Walmart prices. I called a small gun store in my area and the owner said he could get it for me at 18.99/box. You can't beat the SGammo price. This is reliable, accurate, and clean ammo. It is more accurate in a pistol vise than American Eagle, PMC, and PPU (the difference in accuracy is not huge, but it is noticeable), and these were just the 180 grain brands of ammo I had on hand to test against. I initially ordered 1000 rounds, ordered another 500, and just put in another order for 500. This is the unicorn of ammo deals. Get it while you can.
I have already purchased 500 of these regular and 500 of the reduced lead loads. I just ordered another 500 today. For the price, it is great target and training ammo. if you are using it for home or personal defense, make sure that you load your magazine with clean rounds (out of the 1000 rounds I have now, there have been 4 that I wouldn't trust with my life as I am not certain they would properly feed. Still a great value for great ammo. The ammo is consistent and accurate.
Best Valentine's day present ever good ammo got it quick I will order from SGAmmo again what you see is what you get thanks
Winchester Ranger is synonymous with high quality. These rounds were loaded hot (no squib loads here) and were excellent training rounds. When I ran these back to back with Ranger 180gr JHPs, I couldn't feel any difference in recoil. When this is in stock, it is a great cost-effective way to train yourself for your carry ammo. Highly recommend and will buy again at this price when in stock.
I purchased 1000 rounds a little bit ago. It was shipped so quickly that I almost thought they placed the order a day or two before I did. The ammo is very high quality, as is their shipping department.
Good ammo. Winchester is a a solid brand.
Very good ammo I've use this one in the past an now I'm looking forward to using this again
This ammo lives up to every expectation they set for it. I have never had a single problem with it. I love that I can order time and again and always get the same quality. There are just too many times that the exact opposite happens with other places. Of course winchester has always been a great ammo too though. I think what really helps my experience is how fast it gets here after I order it. In the past I have always had to wait up to two weeks sometimes more. These people seem to understand that when I order it is because I want it asap, which is something I respect a great deal. I will continue to use SGammo every time I order for the quality, as well as the speed and care in which they deliver.