500 Round Case - 45 Auto 230 grain FMJ Winchester Service Grade Ammo - SG45W

500 Round Case - 45 Auto 230 grain FMJ Winchester Service Grade Ammo - SG45W

500 Round Case - 45 Auto 230 grain FMJ Winchester Service Grade Ammo - SG45W500 Round Case - 45 Auto 230 grain FMJ Winchester Service Grade Ammo - SG45W
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500 round case of  45 Auto 230 grain FMJ Winchester Service Grade Ammo sku number SG45W for sale online at SGAmmo.com. This ammo is brass case, boxer primer and made in the USA. This 45 ACP / Auto caliber ammo was designed with the 1911 type pistol in mind, but works fine in all 45 ACP chambered firearms. American made quality from Winchester, a brand you can count on for quality. The projectile is 230 grain and non-magnetic for safe use at the indoor range.

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Customer Reviews

Used this Ammo for IDPA in a Walther PPQ. 45 and experienced NO problems. It did seem to leave more carbon after a six (6) String, 18 rounds per string IDAP match in comparison to Aluminium Case Federal Champion ammo. For an even better price per round consider the 1000 round order. First time ordering from SGA and service was fast--found my home for bulk ammo!
First time order of service grade ammo. I was very pleased with the quality of the rounds and the excellent service from SG. My son and I went to the range and shot 200 rounds of this ammo without any problems. He was using a Glock 21 and I was using my Springfield XDM 5.25. We will definitely be ordering more of this in the near future.
I bought 500 rounds of this .45acp and many of the rounds had bullets that were embedded deeply into the cartridge. Every box had a least two rounds that were noticeably shorter than the others in the box. I was surprised by the quality control gaps since the previous box I bought seemed fine and caused no issues with my Wilson CQB. Perhaps this is a rare occurrence, however, I thought I would add this comment in the event others have a similar experience.
Shout out to Sam - Extremely impressed with SGAmmo's customer support! Always enjoy Winchester ammo. Looking forward to breaking in my FNH 45 with this ammo!
Bought this ammo to break in an Ed brown 1911. Shoots great and accurate as well. Will order another case!
I ordered a 500 round case and it was shipped the next day and promptly delivered. It was extremely well packaged in new clean containers. The price is great and so is the service. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you!
This is a good product and the service from SG Ammo is first class. Have made multiple orders without any problems.
Extremely happy with this particular winchester .45 I received form SGammo! The ammo is american made and it shows! This ammo is flawless all the way down to the box its shipped in! SGammo did a great job protecting my package so that it is not damaged in route. I will be a returning customer in the future! Thanks for the availability of great ammo!
I like the old-fashioned packaging on this 45 auto, but I think the ammo itself is the same stuff they sell in the white box. It's you basic brass case hard ball target ammo and it's made in the USA which I think is worth an extra few dollars per box shells