500rds- 45 Auto +P Ranger T-Series RA45TP Winchester .45

500rds- 45 Auto +P Ranger T-Series RA45TP Winchester .45

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500 rounds, a factory full case.

Winchester Ranger 45 Auto / ACP +P 230 grain T-Series hollow point ammunition. This is Winchesters finest personal protection/ law enforcement grade 45 Auto ammunition. Limited supplies, this ammo is only produced once in a while.

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Customer Reviews

Best of the best! My ballistic tests are incredible! 1.25” expansion with 100% weight retention. Unreal damage in any soft media. The best SD ammo ever made. Would love to get more soon
Ditto to what Cadillacboy29 said. Nice stuff. Wish SG would get this back soon!!!!
This is the best ammo I have ever run through any of my full-size 1911’s, bar none. I hope this ammo becomes available again soon. I will absolutely buy 500 rounds of it the minute it’s available.