200 Round Case - 308 ADI OUTBACK AMMO 165 Grain Soft Point SIERRA GAME-KING AOB308SGK

200 Round Case - 308 ADI OUTBACK AMMO 165 Grain Soft Point SIERRA GAME-KING AOB308SGK

200 Round Case - 308 ADI OUTBACK AMMO 165 Grain Soft Point SIERRA GAME-KING AOB308SGK200 Round Case - 308 ADI OUTBACK AMMO 165 Grain Soft Point SIERRA GAME-KING AOB308SGK200 Round Case - 308 ADI OUTBACK AMMO 165 Grain Soft Point SIERRA GAME-KING AOB308SGK
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GameKing bullets are designed for hunting at long range, where their extra margin of performance can make the critical difference. GameKing bullets feature a boat tail design to bring hunters the ballistic advantage of match bullets.

ADI has developed a new line of ammunition that leaves your barrel at the same high velocity at extreme temperature ranges. No matter if it’s scorching hot or freezing cold, Australian Outback ammunition delivers consistent extreme high velocity and ultra-reliability you demand in all shooting circumstances.  For the technically minded, it’s called Ballistic Temperature Independence (BTI). But all you really need to know is Australian Outback ammunition will never let you down.

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Customer Reviews

Top performer in my Rem. 700 VSSF. 2018 and 2019 one shot, drop in their tracks, kills. Recovered the Sierra bullet from this years deer and it had retained about 90% of its' weight after having hit the deer in the ribs and traveled the length of the deer and obliterated the right rear femur bone. The deer was an adult doe and weighed in at 155. The previous deer taken in 2018 was a fork buck but the bullet was not recovered from that deer. Easy sub moa with these as well.
Follow-up review from my previous notes. Chronographed out of my 18" Faxon barrel on an AR10 platform, with AAC sound suppressor attached, these rounds make 2,674FPS -- negligible drop off from my 20" test -- and only a 0.7% extreme spread. Less than one MOA groups with the can. I'm impressed. This is good stuff. I only buy factory ammo from SG Ammo. Their prices are the best, fulfillment is fast and Sam doesn't rip me off on shipping, which lots of others mark up.
I have used ADI (Australian Outback) target ammo before and found it to be incredibly accurate if not hot on velocity for longer range shooting. This ammo was purchased as an all-round hunting ammo for my 18" AR10. It is very accurate, 1" or less at 100 yards. Unlike the target ADI ammo this is loaded to give power, chronos 2,688FPS from my 20" AR10-T. Exceptional value and probably good for all lower-48 game except big brown bears unless you are bold :-) Reloaders: The ADI cases are one of the, if not the heaviest .308 cases I have weighed. This means there is a lot of brass in them and they should last. The payback is they have markedly lower case capacity (less even than Lake City) so if you are used to loading in Rem or Win cases drop a grain off your loads for these. ADI makes many of the Hodgdon powders you buy here. Matching a commercial powder to a factory load is often a fool's errand, but having pulled a few rounds, you would probably find H4895 to be a good proxy for what's in these excellent ADI ammo :-)
Received my order today and went to the range. Zeroed at 100 yards was getting 1/2" Groups couple touching. Will take to York PA IWLA on Friday to Zero at 200 Yards. I have shot Federal, Winchester and PMC this by far was the most consistent 308 that I have ever shot. Ready for late season deer on the eastern shore.
First time I have shot these rounds and I have to say these are the best round for my Remington 700 sps tactical 20 inch barrel. These were great all the way out to 650 yards. This is the ammo I am switching to. Thanks for the great round and awesome performance
outstanding ammo for the price.
Very accurate budget priced soft tip ammo. Great for hunting and defense. I'm getting consistent sub moa accuracy out of a Remington 700 and a Weatherby vanguard S2 varmint special. Not a more accurate ammo out there for the money - in my opinion. Exceptional quality - Love it...
By far sub moa in a sw m&p10. I repeat.75" groups all day with this one. Needless to say its my go to ammo now
Flawless, clean and accurate. A real winner in my book. My first time with themn, but I am definitely going to buy some more.
For my rifle, the ammo is unmatched. My rifle loves it. SG never disappoints with their selection and prices. Also, it's nice to know when you're ordering a case of ammo, SG actually uses an outer shipping box to conceal the contents, rather than simply sticking a shipping label on the case, like other online retailers. Thanks again for pricing and care in the packaging.