1000 rounds - 9mm Luger Brown Bear 115 grain FMJ Ammo by Barnaul

1000 rounds - 9mm Luger Brown Bear 115 grain FMJ Ammo by Barnaul

1000 rounds - 9mm Luger Brown Bear 115 grain FMJ Ammo by Barnaul 1000 rounds - 9mm Luger Brown Bear 115 grain FMJ Ammo by Barnaul 1000 rounds - 9mm Luger Brown Bear 115 grain FMJ Ammo by Barnaul
1000 rounds - 9mm Luger Brown Bear 115 grain FMJ Ammo by Barnaul
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2 x 500 round factory full cases sold in one lot.

9mm 115 gr FMJ ammunition. This ammo is Brown Bear which is made by Barnaul, the most reputable manufacturer in Russia. The cartridge cases are green lacquer coated steel and the primers are berdan, non-corrosive. The bullet is FMJ, 115 grain and lead core with a magnetic jacket. These cartridges would be a good choice for low cost target practice.

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Customer Reviews

WoW !! Was dirty ammo. Haven’t had such dirty ammo ever! I shot Tula, Silver Bear, Wolf, and other steel cased ammo a lot, but this one is really dirty. But it’s also a very accurate load. I shot it with a Taurus PT 24/7, PT 111 G2, S&W M&P, S&W M&P Shield9, EAA Witness force 99 and a H&K P30SK. Very reliable feed, surprisingly very accurate and consistent on target up to 50 yards. Double tabs and trible with ease even out of the short Shield 9. Had only 2 light strikers on the PT 24/7. The load is on the hot end and missing power is not one of the loads problems. If you need penetration through all kind of stuff, this is the way to go. If you can live with dirty ammo like me (I clean my gun after range time anyway) a wonderful round and great for SHTF Stuck up.
I bought a 1000 round case of this stuff and half way through the case I had about 4 or 5 light primer strikes out of my Glock 19. Like other reviewers have said, the cartridges did fire after the second attempt. This is strictly range ammo but would like to have more reliability in case the shtf and you have to use whatever you got to fend off zombies. I am going to try a case of Wolf next.
Last time I ordered a 500rd box in which all rounds worked flawlessly. Recently ordered 2000rds and I have a single 500rd box left. I had multiple failure to fires/light primer strikes out of the three 500rd boxes I've burned through so far. The rounds do fire after rechambering or resetting the striker. Despite this, I love this ammo as its cheap, and even more accurate than brass cased Magtech or Armscor 115gr through my Gen 3 Glock 19! I will definitely buy more again, thank you SGAmmo!
In two boxes I had one dude and two that required a second strike using a Glock 19 that had no problems with Wolf ammo. I probably won't buy this again, but will continue shopping SGAMMO; still the best place to buy ammo.
I just finished 1000 rounds of this and had 9 duds. I shot this in my G19 and M&P Shield and both guns experienced misfires even with the firing pin hitting in the center. I will order something else next time...YMMV Cheers
Sounds to me like the guy with the negative review can't shoot and has weak thumbs. This stuff is awesome. I have gone through about 6-7k if it in my G19, CZ Scorpion, CZ P10c, HK P30L, P30SK. All my buddies are shooting it now too just for the range. Reliable, accurate and cheap. But it and save money :)
There's at least one review here that doesn't fit in and is just wrong. Stuff is solid quality plinking ammo, everything I own runs it fine and I've used several thousand rounds of it in everything from G19's to MPX's. Frankly I've also found most brown bear products to be quite accurate as well.
Total crap ammo. It is very difficult to put it into the mag and it is not accurate. I will never buy it again.
Great price for target practice
This is hands down,my favorite russian ammo. It is clean, reliable and accurate.