30 Round Mag for 7.62x39mm AR15 by C-products - Black Stainless Steel - 30 620 41 205CPD

30 Round Mag for 7.62x39mm AR15 by C-products - Black Stainless Steel -  30 620 41 205CPD

30 Round Mag for 7.62x39mm AR15 by C-products - Black Stainless Steel -  30 620 41 205CPD30 Round Mag for 7.62x39mm AR15 by C-products - Black Stainless Steel -  30 620 41 205CPD
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SKU: 30 620 41 205CPD

30 round Mag for 7.62x39mm AR15 by C-products - Black Stainless steel # 30 620 41 205CPD

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Customer Reviews

These 7.62x39 mags work perfectly in my milspec AR-15 lowers (16" & 8.5 pistol uppers) they are wee made and feed flawlessly.
EXCELLENT MAGAZINES! I purchased 10 of these and couldn't be happier. The only problem I've encountered was with me & my muzzle break. I have a bad habit of shooting "loose" such that the recoil impulse sometimes interfered with the feeding process with short ammo OACL's of 2.150" (which includes just about all military-type steel-cased ammo). Once I figured out what was happening (and firmly placed the stock against my shoulder) there wasn't any more problems. I'm a handloader so my longer OACL handloads don't have this problem. Also, I bevel out the front lip of all my magazines so as not to grab the case mouths. Anyway, I'm buying more as soon as SG Ammo gets them back in stock . . . great price with fast shipping!
Best mag for 7.62x39 ar by a very wide margin.SAve some grief,buy this brand in high capacity mags only.
I have tried every mag product on the market for 7.62x39 AR.and found that C products runs the best. The first ones (2x) did have spring issues but I subbed them with AK springs even tho they will only allow 28 rounds in the mags (NO Big deal). All the others I have tried don't want to feed. Soooo I bought c Products mags and they are in my option the best. No issues with springs or feeding on any of the newer mags, with that being said I am buying more this day!
I read the reviews from numerous blogs..went w c products mags; flawless function. I have run over 2500 rounds perfect function. Will order more once they are back in stock.
Recently purchased an AR chambered in 7.62x39 by Radical Fire Arms.(love it!) The included magazine was not made by C -Products. Upon firing, the bolt chipped the follower which immediately stopped holding the bolt open after the last round; next, I started getting mis-feeds. I switched to the C-Products mag and shot numerous 5 round mag reloads as well as the full 30 load. The follower held the bolt open flawlessly every time the mag was emptied. There was no chipping or visible marring on the follower and didn't have a single mis-feed or failure. Buy these to avoid problems in an AR chambered in 7.62x39!
Got some of these a few months back. My 762x39 ar uses radical barrel and anderson bolt assembly 500 rounds mixed, gold tiger, wolf fmj, and HP. all feed perfectly. Not one hang up, FTF, or ejection problems. Ive used several different brands of 762x39 mags in the past, even frankenmags, and these are the best there is!!! You wont be making a mistake with c mags. SGA has the good stuff !
Good products.... No look further
I have used C-Products mag and they work flawlessly I purchased an ASC mag and had to work the leading edge to get them to work, JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!