24 Round Box - Lake City 50 BMG M33 Ball Ammo - LC-M33-24rd

24 Round Box - Lake City 50 BMG M33 Ball Ammo - LC-M33-24rd

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24 Round Box of Lake City 50 BMG M33 Ball Ammo For Sale

24 Round Box of .50 cal M33 ball ammo for sale. The ammo we have packed in these 24 round boxes is hand select and screened as packaged. The process starts with selection of the 1250 round barrels that contain the ammo we think looks the cleanest / upper end of the cosmetic scale, then every round is rolled across a table top to examine for dents and dings or anything out of the ordinary which would be pulled out if found, and we check that the primer sealant is the same color (indicates it is the same lot), the ammo is packed 24 rounds in 3 layers of 8 in a box and weight checked to ensure each box is full. There still will be some rounds with tarnish on the brass that you might want to clean off if cosmetic perfection is something you demand, this is military ammo and was not polished by the factory.

New ammo, with observed headstamps of 2016 to 2020, but other years are possible. We bought out the remaining .50 cal inventory's at Lake City before Northrop Grumman turned the factory over to Winchester and all most all the ammo came to us in 20 gallon drums. This is genuine Lake City factory new ammo.

Notice: The pictures in this listing are representative of the lot that was packaged at that time, but some lots may be more tarnished than shown, some may be cleaner than pictured. Some people will get cleaner looking ammo than others, some will get ammo that is more tarnished. If cosmetic perfection is a big deal to you you may have to polish and clean some of the ammo. The ammo itself is all fit for use and does what it is intended to do, but cosmetically there is some variance in condition.


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