500 round case - 45 Auto 230 grain JHP Federal Classic Ammo - C45D

500 round case - 45 Auto 230 grain JHP Federal Classic Ammo - C45D

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Federal Classic 45 ACP / Auto 230 Grain Hollow point ammunition for sale at SGAmmo.com. This is a time tested and proven quality hollow point ammunition option for 45 caliber semi auto pistols. C45D is the commercial version of the law enforcement load # 45D. The only difference is price and packaging. Normally C45D costs significantly more than 45D but we had a chance to buy this product at a deeply discounted price and we are passing on the savings to our clients. This is a great deal for the consumer and dealers alike that are looking for value prices in the smaller 20 round packages. This ammo is of course brass case, boxer primer and non-corrosive. This ammo is recently manufactured, not old stock or PD trade-in, its factory fresh and ready for you to take to the range, home protection, carry/duty, or any application you need. Federal Classic ammo combines affordability with quality for all purposes a gun owner may need ammo for. Not too expensive to shoot and with high quality JHP bullets for defensive applications. SGAmmo, your online ammo store for discounted ammunition prices.

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Customer Reviews

For the most part reliable JHP loads but occasionally (1 in 100) had burrs where the jacket meets the HP. Recently had 2 improperly machined loads that caused my Springfield Mod2 to jam requiring me to drop the clip to clear. Only times it ever jammed. Easy to spot, when looking for it. Be careful to spot burr when loading your magazine to avoid a jam which may require you to drop the clip to clear, which is not a good thing in a self defense role.