50 round box - 45 Auto +P Federal Tactical Bonded 230 grain Hollow Point ammo LE45T1

50 round box - 45 Auto +P Federal Tactical Bonded 230 grain Hollow Point ammo LE45T1


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50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case

Info per Federal below

Tactical® Bonded®

The edge you can carry into any situation. When the situation leads to a lethal force encounter, rely on your backup, your experience and our Tactical® Bonded® ammunition. Made exclusively for law enforcement, it achieves accuracy and terminal performance unmatched by any other ammunition today. Tactical Bonded is your single, best choice for precision accuracy and barrier penetration. Tactical Bonded® Handgun offers an extremely accurate hollow point with 100% weight retention through most barriers, excellent jacket integrity and consistent 1.5 caliber expansion. It performs exceptionally well in shorter barrels.

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Customer Reviews

Follow up review to 09/24. These are not bonded HST. Mushroomed bullets look like hydro shoks without the post. Smooth faced without the cutting edges of HST. They form 6 arms that fold out, with gaps like an HST but mushroom is very smooth and flat faced, shot into water jugs. Recovered bullets where very large thou, about 3/4 or more. 6 shot average velocity from a G36 is 851, ES-20 and SD-6 for 6 shots. I think this is a big gun round and am starting to rethink my "WOW". I have a 5" .45 but it is a very old, worn out pre A1 so very little +P as a rule. It is very well flash suppressed, I shot it tonight, late, near nightfall as an exercise and other than a few random sparks, she was dark.
This isn't a version of HST. My testing, and expanded bullets resembles a version of a Gold Dot. AFT owns both companies so I believe this to be true. It is velocity sensitive on the low end. It needs 880 fps minimum impact velocities to fold pedals back to penetrate well. Less will give good expansion but it is flat shaped and may not make 12 inches. 900fps and up gives great expansion, folds the petals back, and gives better penetration. More velocity is better but there is probably a ceiling there as well. This is duty ammo. It penetrates better than HST if the velocity is right. Thru a Kahr I got 772 to 884 fps, penetration varied between 11 1/4 to 12 3/4. A Colt Officer model: 919 to 941 with 14 3/8 to 15 1/8 inch penetration. This betters a 230 +P HST. One round fired thru a Colt Series 80, 948 fps and it went to 15 inches. Expansion ran around .83/.85 for ALL of them, petal shape was the only difference. And that isn't a typo. All rounds fired into Clear Ballistics Gel. Not tested for calibration. Long story short, I like this round. I don't carry a .45 for SD normally. Got them, shoot them and I love them, carry them in the woods mostly. Sometimes I carry them concealed, usually in winter. Federal makes a 9mm 135gr +P version also. This .45 really is good, reliable and accurate ammo with outstanding terminal performance, it's a LE Duty round, therefore it isn't a sort barreled, CCW standout. It needs a 4 inch plus barrel. Still, good ammo and worth your interest.
Very nice .45's, shoots well, clean, no failures. Water jugs explode. Turns regular HST's and GD's into practice ammo.
WOW This is going to be my go to ammo in 45acp and my Glock 36. My pre A1 shoots it well too. I think it is a bounded HST but I really don't know. I know it shoots well, seems heavy. Haven't croned yet, will do so. It shoots better than my supply of Critical duty and Hornady 200 gr XTP. It cost a lot, but what is your life worth, your wife, your kids. I'm going to buy 2 or 3 a payday till they run out.