50 Round Box - 9mm Luger +P Federal HST 147 grain hollow point LE ammo P9HST4 - High Pressure

50 Round Box  - 9mm Luger +P Federal HST 147 grain hollow point LE ammo P9HST4 - High Pressure

50 Round Box  - 9mm Luger +P Federal HST 147 grain hollow point LE ammo P9HST4 - High Pressure50 Round Box  - 9mm Luger +P Federal HST 147 grain hollow point LE ammo P9HST4 - High Pressure50 Round Box  - 9mm Luger +P Federal HST 147 grain hollow point LE ammo P9HST4 - High Pressure

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20 or more$18.95

50 rounds per box. 9mm Luger +P Federal HST 147 grain Hollow point 9mm ammo. One of Federals best law enforcement loads. This is the ultimate 9mm HST load, 147 grain projectile traveling at 1050 FPS and 360 Foot pounds of energy.

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Customer Reviews

Great ammo, makes me feel safe. Very quick shipping, 3 days at my door. Packaging A+, bullets all look good.
These are basically the doomsday all around go to round IMO. Their subsonic so no common 9mm "crack". The tests speak for themselves and frankly the cost is negligible when you factor in what is at the cost; going home after the diarrhea hits the fan. Also for anyone concerned over the round not being bonded and needing to pass thru a wall, steel, windshield glass etc. I think you are in the wrong occupation and/or lifestyle if that is truly a concern. Those are realistically "N/A" for non military or third world country people. I can personally say this round will punch thru a common stucco/drywall exterior wall and common 1" fence board (long story) and still expand to a nonuniform oblong diameter/width of .70in and NOT separate. This results may not be consistent 100% of the time but the odds of these circumstances are astronomical to really not matter.
SGammo gets all of my business. For good reason
Love the round, cannot beat the price, if you can even find them anywhere!
I first observed the gel ballistics tests done by several independent experts and then went to the range with these loads in my S&W Shield 9 mm. The accuracy of this load @ 10 yds. was superior to my Gold Dot 124+P rounds. Now I make these my EDC. No FTFs, FTEs, or other cycling issues. Maybe the recoil was a bit snappier, but that is moot when the POA is dead-on. Some may think this is a pricey SD ammo, but what does that compare to your confidence and trust in a reliable defense round? Thanks SGammo for continuing to offer this gem.
This is the best carry load i have found for my Glock 17 after looking at the gel test on line.My Glock 17 loves this stuff!!!
went to the range today and shot some +p 147 gr HST rounds i bought from SG AMMO, my Glock 26 loves this stuff, the most accurate ammo i have shot out of my Glock 26,Did not think i could find ammo more accurate for my glock 26 than the Speer Gold Dot 124 gr standard pressure ammo i have been buying from SG, I will carry the HST 147 gr +p since it will penetrate and fully expand very accurately , take it from me, if you have a short barrel handgun, these will do the job. will be buying a few more boxes to stock up
When these are in stock, I buy a few boxes to put away. They are my Gold Standard in 9mm ammunition for my HK and Glock pistols. Gold Dot 124 +Ps are a close second. Get them while you can. SGAmmo is also my Gold Standard....how any other vendor stays in business charging the same price for 20 round boxes is a mystery. THANKS SAM AND LALA!
Buying these by the 50 round box or by the case are the way to go with this excellent (but expensive)ammo. Those 20 round boxes marketed to "civilians" are an absolute money scam with the joke being the consumer. Thanks to Sam and SGAMMO, we the general public, don't have to be ripped off! These Federal HST 147 grain +(p)'s may be one of the finest 9mm self defense loads on the market (the others being the Spear Gold Dots and the Winchester Rangers). Their expansion is uniform and well documented and many police departments are switching to the HST even though its not a bonded round. It will take years of record collecting by police departments around the country along with forensic units to actually determine "HST real world performance", as the hydra-shock two has only been in use for about 10 years. One thing, I can guarantee is that I would NOT want to be the bad guy on the receiving end of one of these 147 +P HST loads.
Great stuff! Federal HST has a great track record in police use, and it happens to be extremely accurate and consistent. SGAmmo has the best price I've found on this ammo, too. My LGS gets $25 for the 20 round boxes.