50 Round Box - 8mm Lebel 111 Grain FMJ Fiocchi Ammunition - 8L

50 Round Box - 8mm Lebel 111 Grain FMJ Fiocchi Ammunition - 8L

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50 Round Box of 8mm Lebel 111 Grain FMJ Fiocchi Ammunition, 20 boxes per case

Factory SKU number: 8L

Made by Fiocchi in Italy

Brass case, boxer primer, non-corrosive

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Customer Reviews

8mm Ordnance ammo is practically impossible to find, except for this fine round made by Fiocchi. I took 50 rounds of this ammunition to the range to see what my old Mle. 1892 St. Étienne Revolver could do. I can’t say it was the most satisfying experience, as the groups I put on paper at 7 and 15 yards were markedly wider than those I put down with the Webley. That being said, the problem is almost certainly with the pistol (the Mle. 1892 rifling was produced on the same equipment as Lebel rifles). The Fiocchi ammo, however, performed flawlessly As 8mm Ordnance is getting harder and harder to find—especially at a reasonable price—I will be purchasing more of this unique caliber soon. Note: Fiocchi boxes this ammo as “8mm Label,” but the correct designation is 8mm Ordnance Revolver.
I am glad to see this very rare type of ammo in stock and not have to pay $50 to $60 a box for it. If you have an 8mm Lebel Model 1892 Revolver then stock up on ammo while you can. Fiocchi 8mm Lebel ammo makes a great option for us collectors to actually get to shoot our old guns