500 Round Case - 45 Auto 230 Grain FMJ ammo by Fiocchi - 45A500

500 Round Case - 45 Auto 230 Grain FMJ ammo by Fiocchi - 45A500

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SKU: Fio - 45A500 - case

45 Auto 230 Grain FMJ ammo by Fiocchi - 45A500

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Customer Reviews

Cz 97 bd likes this stuff. Runs awesome price is good as well.
I tested this out over the weekend and it shot great out of my gun. Sgammo is by far my go to for buying ammo online whether it be bulk or just a couple of boxes they always do an amazing job! Highly recommend this ammo and website to people looking for an ammo company that they can trust.
The box and the bullet is a little different from my order. But I have no complaints, as I intended to use this ammo for my Colt Lightweight Commander at the range. The actual product that came to me from this order had what looks to be a brass coated jacket, and on the box it reads FIOCCHI Pistol Shooting Dynamics (Pistol & Revolver Line.) I don't know if the production is different now or perhaps I've been given something else, but again, I really have no complaints. I do think SGAmmo have some of the best prices anywhere (for the exception of some 12 gauges *cough cough*.) Will definitely purchase from SGAmmo again, you guys are pretty awesome.
Great deal on very accurate target .45ACP ammo. No failure to fire or failure to eject. Noticeably cleaner than Winchester White Box. I'll be back for more. Thanks for an awesome deal SGammo!