1000 Round Can - 7.62x39 124 grain FMJ Golden Tiger - Re-packed into a Metal M2A1 Ammo Can

1000 Round Can - 7.62x39 124 grain FMJ Golden Tiger - Re-packed into a Metal M2A1 Ammo Can

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1000 rounds - 762x39 124 grain FMJ Golden Tiger Re-packed into a M2A1Ammo Can (50 cal can)

20 rounds per box, 50 boxes packed in a M2A1 type ammo can

Golden Tiger 7.62x39 124 grain FMJBT ammunition features a lacquered steel case and non-corrosive priming. Made in Russia by Vympel. This is one of the most popular types of Russian 7.62x39 ammo in production

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Customer Reviews

Another heart shot @ 80 yards out of my mod SKS!! Best Russian ammo ever.
great product, fast shipping, great price although I bought the golden tiger 762x39 1000 rd ammo repacked in ammo can for $224 - 3 days later it went on sale for $199. Kinda a bummer..but its still a good price. I always buy from SG.
Marine Veteran here also. 0351 in the early 90's. The boat tail on this ammo definately makes a difference in accuracy. Sealed crimp and primer combined with the .50 ammo can makes this hands down the best deal out there for storage or immediate range ammo. This mixed every other shot with 8m3 is perfect for hogs and dogs in Fl.
I am a us Marine veteran. Golden tiger is great ammo. So much better than Tula ammo. Golden tiger holds 1" groups at 100 yards from my palmetto AK-47 using Primary Arms 3X Compact Rifle Scope - ACSS optic. All 1000 rounds have functioned flawlessly. After doing a comparison test with tule and golden tiger let me say there is no comparison. Golden Tiger outshines Tula ammo all day long. Tula may be cheaper but for a few cents more you can buy Golden Tiger which performs like expensive American mill spec Ammo. As for me I will only be feeding my AK-47 Golden Tiger. Semper Fi.....
This stuff is AWESOME. It's a lot faster than tulla and it's insanely accurate. I'm getting 1.5 MOA out of my ar15 (7.62x39) with a 4 power scope.
I've always bought Tula because it's cheaper. However I watched a few ammo reviews and soon found out it's not all the same and golden tiger and wolf were the superior brands and seemed to perform better. So for 30 bucks more ( packaged In a ammo can at that ) I figured I would try it.it came on time exactly when SG said it would. I have yet to shoot it but the ammo is much cleaner appearance wise vs Tula. It has sealeant on the primer and bullet. It just has all the feelings of a well performing round. I'm confident it will shoot just fine. SG ammo is definatly the place to get ammo.
I have used this ammo for over 12 years never had a miss fire, great plinking ammo, matter of a fact 1 week ago shot my last 100 rds in my SKS, found in safe they were 12 years old my grandson loved it.
I have used this ammo for over 12 years never had a missfire,great plinking ammo, much much better than wolf ammo.