Sold Out - 50 round box - 7.62x39 SST Hornady steel case ammo - 8078

Sold Out - 50 round box - 7.62x39 SST Hornady steel case ammo - 8078

Sold Out - 50 round box - 7.62x39 SST Hornady steel case ammo - 8078Sold Out - 50 round box - 7.62x39 SST Hornady steel case ammo - 8078

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50 round box of 7.62x39 SST Hornady steel case ammo.

May be loaded on lacquered cases or polymer coated cases

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Customer Reviews

I shot a large doe @ 110 yrds with this rd out of a Mini-30.It took about 5 steps and rolled up in some brush.Heart/lung shot with the exit wound about the size of a quarter with no bullet recovered of course.After seeing how it peformed on the doe I knew it would be a good hog round which some of the users have already proven below in other reviews.Good accuracy out of the M-30 as well.
I shot a 230ish pound hog 50 yards away with this from a 10" barrel and he dropped like a sack of potatoes. Haven't shot them at paper so can't comment on accuracy but I hit my target perfect and saw zero muzzle flash even at night. Next time I'll order the 500 round pack.
I have a Windham Weaponry 7.62x39 AR and it absolutely loves this Hornady SST steel match ammo. This is the most accurate ammo I have shot yet. No one would believe me but I have pictures to prove it 3/4 MOA a 100 yards!
This is some fantastic ammunition. If you want an excellent hunting/defensive round, this is it. I am glad hornady decided to come out with this ammo, and that sgammo sells it at a fair price. This is the same ammunition as the hornady zombiemax, just with a steel case.
If you do any kind of hunting with 7.62x39 this is the ammo to go with. Incredibly consistent combined with the excellent properties of the SST bullet. Quality of manufacture is excellent. Couldn't be happier.
In every test I see since Hornady switched from the VMAX varmint bullet to the SST hunting bullet for this caliber, I've seen consistent and outstanding performance, almost always with .55"-.60" expansion and 20"+ of penetration in calibrated 10% ballistic gelatin. This is outstanding performance for hunting whitetail deer and similar sized game, such as black bear or feral hogs. This is also excellent performance for an antipersonnel round, though penetration is on the long side. The VMAX version might have been slightly better suited to self-defense, as the bullets fragmented a lot and penetrated only 14" or so in the same calibrated gelatin, reducing the risks of excessive penetration.
Hornady is the only brand of ammo I will shoot, and luckily SGammo is stocked with many calibers of Hornady brand ammunition!i purchased 5 boxes of this Hornady 123 gr. 7.62x39 recently, and lets just say I was not let down! Fast shipping with great prices, and great ammo! I know where I will be shopping for all my ammo needs! Thanks again guys!
I use this for white-tail hunting. Consistency is excellent, feeds great. If you're looking for a 7.62 for game this is the one. Works perfectly.
I use this in my Radical Firearms 7.62x39 AR-15 HBAR upper and I can easily shoot 1.5 inches at 100 yards. This upper receiver is very fussy about what it is fed, but this ammunition feeds well and is accurate. From the gel tests I've seen posted online, devastating as well.
My WROL, TEOTWAWKI, SHTF, BOHICA!, FUBAR, SNAFU ammo of choice for my VZ58 and my Savage 10FCM. 4" groups at 200 meters with the VZ58 (try that with your AK), and 3" groups at 300 meters with the Savage 10FCM. Perfect for penetration and for anything two or four legged (or wheeled) easily out to 300 meters - after that, though, not so much :(