30 Round AK-47 Mag - Magpul MOE Polymer Magazine - PMAG30 AK - MAG572-BLK

30 Round AK-47 Mag - Magpul MOE Polymer Magazine - PMAG30 AK - MAG572-BLK

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30 Round AK-47 Mag - Magpul MOE Polymer Magazine - PMAG30 AK - MAG572-BLK

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Customer Reviews

Magpul AK mags are excellent.
Magpul AK mags are the best. Much lighter than traditional steel AK mags. When they have 30 rounds in them they feel like it has only 20, that light! Don't get me wrong I still love steel AK mags but Magpul has reinvented the wheel and these are the Ferrari of AK mags and SG had the absolute cheapest price on them anywhere on the interweb! I'll be back for more..Thanks SG
Great mags for my wasr10. Much lighter to carry, well made. Only stuck yo metal before I was convinced with these mags.
Thats funny that others have said the same thing as me, that I really didn't want these Pmags to work better than the surplus steel mags for My Yugo M92 but they do. The load/unload very smooth and lock into place easy. They just plain work. I have several 30 rounders and one 10 round mag. I actually like the smaller 10 round mag, keeps my M92 real compact. Ill be picking up more for sure
I have to agree with FreezerGeezer. I want to hate them but I can't. I have a PTR 32 and I just want to get a cool mag to go with the gun. After trying a lot of different mags, it was clear that the winner was the Magpul. Not a single malfunction. They work great with my loader. Even the price is right. Save yourself some time and just go with the Magpul.
Hate them if you want; they work. Time will tell if the feed lips and locking lugs hold up. They work in the PTR 32 Gen 2.
I have purchased these magazines from other vendors. While they lack the charm of a surplus metal magazine, these are lighter, slimmer, and very sturdy. Plus, they are small enough to fit into some M4 magazine pouches!