1000 Round Case - 9x19 124 Grain FMJ PPU Prvi Partizan Ammo - PPN9

1000 Round Case - 9x19 124 Grain FMJ PPU Prvi Partizan Ammo - PPN9

1000 Round Case - 9x19 124 Grain FMJ PPU Prvi Partizan Ammo - PPN91000 Round Case - 9x19 124 Grain FMJ PPU Prvi Partizan Ammo - PPN9
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9x19 Ball 124 Grain FMJ PPU Prvi Partizan Ammo - PPN9

20 x 50 round boxes per case

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Customer Reviews

Works great in my AR9.
Runs fine in all my 9mm including little Ruger LC9. The only problem gun is my new Sig M17, the military's new handgun. After 6-7 rounds the round blows up and blows the extractor off. It also cracks the grip module. Sig told me it's PPU's fault the ammo isn't SAMMI spec. Since I and all my other 9mm like this ammo, I will continue to buy it. SGammo is my go-to site for all calibers. The price here is the BEST and I like seeing the shipping cost up front.
GREAT ammo: 124 grain FMJ with sealed case mouths and primers, this ammo is excellent for both storage and range use. Shot through a variety of guns, there were NO FTF, extract, or fire in several dozen different 9mm autoloaders of various makes and models, both cutting edge and vintage. Indeed, some older European 9mm would not fully function with the Win. White Box, but went through this without any problems whatsoever. May try the 115 grain NATO loading in this brand next ( just for test purposes ), but this particular load is a complete winner.
My MP-40 SMG loves this stuff! Never a single issue with this ammo. Will run it exclusively from now on.
I just ordered another case. This stuff burns clean and is accurate. I also like the fact that it has enough velocity to move steel targets better than most 9mm. I haven’t tested the velocity but my guess is it has a power factor that is higher than most 9mm. No failure of any type in my glock 19 and 17.
Just finished all 1,000rds through my G17 and Shield without an issue. I found this ammo to be accurate and prefer 124g when shooting steel dueling tree.
my favorite range toy absolutely hates win white box. it eats this stuff like candy, not ftf no misfires it just runs. have another older 1911 custom that wouldnt run on anything except 147 grain. for a gag i tried this. runs great. I ordered another 3 cases..
Turns out, my new UZI build hates weak reloads but loves +P/NATO stuff. No FTEs with it so far, the reloads on the other hand...
Shot through about 750 of the 1000 round case so far. This stuff recoils more than any other 9mm fmj that I've shot so far. Shot through a glock 17 and a PPQ, and had some issues with failure to eject on the PPQ. The casing would get stuck after firing every few magazines. I thought it might be an issue with the gun and shot several hundred other rounds of varying brand and grain, and didn't have a single issue. After cleaning my gun thoroughly I was able to go about 200 or so rounds before a failure to eject. Probably will go with a different brand next time.