1 - Used Empty Green Vinyl Mag Pouch with Strap that Holds 5 x 30 round AK47 Mags - mags not included

1 - Used Empty Green Vinyl Mag Pouch with Strap that Holds 5 x 30 round AK47 Mags - mags not included

1 - Used Empty Green Vinyl Mag Pouch with Strap that Holds 5 x 30 round AK47 Mags - mags not included1 - Used Empty Green Vinyl Mag Pouch with Strap that Holds 5 x 30 round AK47 Mags - mags not included1 - Used Empty Green Vinyl Mag Pouch with Strap that Holds 5 x 30 round AK47 Mags - mags not included
10 or more$3.95
SKU: PU1005

1 - Used Empty Green Vinyl Mag Pouch with Strap that Holds 5 x 30 round AK47 Mags - mags not included.

Hungarian military magazine pouch that holds 5 AK47 30 round mags. Comes with shoulder strap. This is used military surplus and condition may be better or worse than pictured, expect some wear, corrosion on metal parts, torn stitching and cosmetic blemishing, but functional condition


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Customer Reviews

Ordered 2 of these mag pouches. Arrived in "like new" condition, heavy duty rain-proof pouches with belt loops and shoulder strap, will accept 5 AK or 5 AR mags. These are excellent pouches, the best inexpensive ones I've ever seen.
This review is a FIRST of it's kind on these Hungarian AK mag pouches!!!! Last year I ordered 1 or 2 at a time with the fantastic Golden Tiger ammo for a total of just simply 6. Well, I was always pleased. I regularly check posted enventory on SG products of my particular interest and I am on the email notification. Last Sunday I noticed the enventory was dowm to 36 pieces and I was questioning myself, Is the bottom of the barrel the junky stuff???? HELL KNOW!!!! I ORDERED 2 OF THESE...WHY IS IT SOMETHING SPECIAL AND DIFFERENT THAN THE NORM...These came packaged Individually brand new In heavy duty sealed plastic from the factory!!!!! OMG!!! Hats off to Sam!!!! Wow!!! Never underestimate the guality of "low" enventory surplus.!
I got one of these with 5 Hungarian mags last year. When I saw they were going for $4.95 I bought another one, but didn't expect much. When I received it in the mail I was pleasantly surprised. The pouch I received was not rusted, discolored, or torn. It appeared to be unissued. So, I ordered 10 more. I hope they're just as good. SGAmmo is quickly becoming my go to place for ammo and accessories.
I purchased 2 of these and they are both great. One is almost new. Very high quality bags! No musty smell either. Will buy a couple more next time I order.
These guys ( SGAMMO ) are a national treasure. Ordered these and they were here in five days . Superb quality. Heavy duty vinyl and straps REAL leather. Mine looked like they ( four ) were in unused condition. Wish the communist system had not ended when you look at how well made these are. Of course they are now finished ( 7/1/2016 ) but I now have 10 so I was lucky. Use them for most mags for most rifles or use them for other carry in a SHTF scenario or just to have them. I really cannot tell you how great these are. SGAMMO rocks and I'll buy again from them. Keep up the great work people!!
Finally getting around to reviewing these and all I can say is wow! I ordered several of these so as to get the price discount and I'm certainly glad I did. All are in great condition and some in excellent or like new condition. 3 came with leather straps, 1 had an orangeish cloth strap, and the rest green cloth straps. Some also had a white powdery but kind of sticky substance on them, but it wipes right off. I like the fact that they also have belt loops on the back so you can attach it to a belt and loop the strap over your body and run/move with it without it bouncing all over the place. Steel mags as well as polymer mags fit fine, although I've only tried bakelite and magpul mags. Overall I would definitely recommend these to anyone wanting an inexpensive, but quality product to carry your AK mags or to just have as a neat novelty to go with your AK.
I just received 2 of these. They are like new, no wear, corrosion, torn stitching or blemishes! None! Very pleased with my purchase. Heavy duty vinyl with a shoulder strap and only $4.95. I got 2 for what I would have paid for 1 on eBay. I will be ordering more before they are all gone like last time. SGAmmo is the greatest! FAST shipping, great customer service and products. Thanks to everyone at SGA!
Normally when I see the words "Vinyl" and "Gun Gear" in the same sentence, I run for the hills! However, in this case, I had one of these pouches thrown in with a larger order just for the heck of it. Boy was I impressed! Mine came out in excellent condition and proof that Hungarian "Vinyl" is heavy duty, almost looks and feels like leather. A perfect repository for storing "collectible mags" for both your AK's and AR's. No bumping, no scratching and if you load up for emergencies, just grab the pouch by the heavy duty shoulder strap and you have 150 rounds ready to go. Would I buy more, did. Some had a few marks on them but the last batch of three was as close to new as you could get. For $4.95 you couldn't even buy the material to make these. Thank you SG for another very positive experience.
Ordered 5 of this pouches,and when receive them I was very pleased to find 3 brand new couches and two slightly used pouches all five great construction as advertised also in new to excellent condition would recommend anybody to buy this product as for me very pleased with my purchase been doing business with SG ammo for two and a half years and plan on continuing doing business with them due to the fact of the quality of products that they sell
Ordered mine earlier in the week and got it very fast. Got very lucky as mine looks as good or better than the one pictured. Nearly looks new. Very cool piece of gear, and with the shoulder strap, its actually quite functional as a grab-and-go mag pouch. Would make a great match for an AK truck gun for any sort of active shooter response kit. Can fit a tourniquet in one exterior pouch, and if you ditch a mag, you could fit some quick clot, combat gauze, and chest seals in one of the extra interior pockets since they are all separated.