200 round pack - 7.62x39 M67 Non-magnetic Copper FMJ Brass Case Corrosive Yugo Surplus Ammo on SKS Stripper Clips

200 round pack - 7.62x39 M67 Non-magnetic Copper FMJ Brass Case Corrosive Yugo Surplus Ammo on SKS Stripper Clips

200 round pack - 7.62x39 M67 Non-magnetic Copper FMJ Brass Case Corrosive Yugo Surplus Ammo on SKS Stripper Clips200 round pack - 7.62x39 M67 Non-magnetic Copper FMJ Brass Case Corrosive Yugo Surplus Ammo on SKS Stripper Clips200 round pack - 7.62x39 M67 Non-magnetic Copper FMJ Brass Case Corrosive Yugo Surplus Ammo on SKS Stripper Clips
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5x40 round boxes in a 200 round pack of 7.62x39 Non-magnetic Copper FMJ Brass Case Corrosive Yugoslavian Surplus Ammo on SKS Stripper Clips for sale at SGAmmo.com. This ammo is mostly 1968 and 1973 vintage Yugoslavian with a chance at some other odd years in the mix. Yugoslavian 762x39 is some of the finest surplus ammo in this caliber and features brass cases, Berdan corrosive primers and projectiles that are copper jacketed lead core and totally non-magnetic for range-safe shooting at most indoor and California ranges. If you were looking for the best surplus 7.62x39 Ammunition for your AK-47 then the Yugoslavian is one of the best choices because it is true mil-spec, sealed primer and projectile, brass case, and just a tad hotter of a load than the typical steel case options. Packed 40 rounds of ammo per box on 10 round SKS stripper clips.

Information about M67 type ammo per wikipedia.org

In the 1960s Yugoslavia experimented with new bullet designs to produce a round with a superior wounding profile, speed, and accuracy to the M43. The M67 projectile is shorter and flatter-based than the M43. This is mainly due to the deletion of the mild steel insert. This has the side effect of shifting the center of gravity rearward in comparison to the M43. This allows the projectile to destabilize nearly 17 cm (6.7 in) earlier in tissue.This causes a pair of large stretch cavities at a depth likely to cause effective wound trauma. When the temporary stretch cavity intersects with the skin at the exit area, a larger exit wound will result, which takes longer to heal. Additionally, when the stretch cavity intersects a stiff organ like the liver, it will cause damage to that organ. However, the wounding potential of M67 is mostly limited to the small permanent wound channel the bullet itself makes, especially when the bullet yaws

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Customer Reviews

Bought two packs of this ammo, as my AR 7.62x39 doesn't like steel case ammo. Unfortunately, about every third round is a light strike, causing me to eject the magazine, then the chambered round, then re-inserting the round and firing it, or putting it back in the magazine and firing it. No problems on the second firing, but it's frustrating having to continuously go through the process. No great loss, as I have a SAIGA that eats anything! The ammo I received is stamped 1986, so it may be the age has something to do with it ...
Just shot 200rds, I noticed after first few rounds it is “hot”. My AR 7.62x39 built loves it, shoots the best groups, no DNF or FTE, in fact throws the brass 15 feet. Will be ording more.
Excellent ammo. Mine is dated 1971.
Good stuff here,puts all other ammo to shame.
Great service, great product. The stripper clips all work flawlessly in my Yugo SKS, couldn't have asked for better. Fast shipping and overall very impressed! I'm definitely gonna be buying ammo from here more often now.
I ordered 1200 rounds of this ammo and it can in the next day, very pleased with the packaging and the service. I will be field testing this ammo at 100 yards, i will update you all on how well it preforms.
Just Ordered more Going after the stripper clips. Original SKS strippers are very hard to find have some original clips that I had from back in the early 90's work great! The ammo that comes on these strippers are just a major Bonus. WIN WIN situation in my book keep it coming.
SGAmmo has great prices on this ammo...and the surplus supply is drying up fast. I like the Yugo M67 because it is great ammo for shooting at indoor ranges that don't allow Bi-Metal projectiles. The price isn't much more than the steel cased ammo...and the other all copper and brass choices are all around .50 per round and up. It is as dependable and functional as the day it was produced and has great annealed brass for you re-loaders. Keep in mind that almost all of the current 7.62x39 ammo that is on the market now...with the exception of Golden Tiger, has the same M67 style bullet as the Yugo M67. At one point the Yugo M67 was original...but now the M67 bullet design in copper and bi-metal jackets both are the norm as far as the comparison to the older, longer, more stable M43 BT design. Now days, all modern M67 style bullets have the same terminal ballistics. Buy it up for the Brass and ability to shoot indoors before it is all gone! It's great stuff. SGAmmo is one of the few places to get it...and you can't beat the price.
Very good ammo and very reliable. Super price that is very economical for todays market. SGAMMO has one of the most efficient shipping plan I have ever seen. Koodoos for all of your team. I am a fairly recent customer but this is the only place I will buy ammo again. Thanks SGAMMO for being the best of the best.
Wow! The coolness factor is through the roof with this ammo! I received ammo from 1968 and 1976. I am going to save the ammo and use the stripper clips, which are in great condition. You've done it again, SGAmmo! I will only do business with you.