50 round box - 9mm NATO 124 grain FMJ Ammo - made by MEN in Germany - MEN9B

50 round box - 9mm NATO 124 grain FMJ Ammo - made by MEN in Germany - MEN9B


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9mm NATO (9mm Luger) 124 grain FMJ Ammo - made by MEN in Germany - MEN9B.

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Customer Reviews

Great ammo. Exceptional performance and accuracy out of the Beretta M9. This ammo is very clean and is manufactured beautifully. I would not hesitate to buy this again.
Happy I got some of this ammo it was accurate and clean shooting, the quality of the round was perfect and I have yet to have a single issue in over 150 rounds. Thank you sgammo.com for being my go to on buying ammo online and always having the best service and fast shipping.
Finally got to the range today for the first time with this ammo. I found it to be very clean and accurate for an old fuddy duddy like me! Ejection was very consistent. This tells me the ammo is loaded accurately round to round with the bullet, powder, and primer doing what each was designed for. Recoil was very manageable too. Will definitely buy some more!
This is great practice ammo. Clean, accurate, and reliable. I'm ordering more today.
Yes fast shipping good warm ammo.
For me, this is the good stuff!!!
This is, quite easily, the cleanest ammo I've ever seen. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say it'll make whatever brand you THOUGHT was the cleanest, look dirty (I mean, it's as though each round is individually polished, which I wouldn't doubt, though I have no way of verifying this). Beyond simple aesthetics, this ammo functions perfectly in my Sig Sauer SP2009, has a nice-feeling recoil versus previous varieties of 115 grain 9mm I've used. An added bonus (in my opinion), is that it comes packaged in very compact boxes, so it won't take up much room in your range bag or closet as-is. Thank you SGAmmo as usual!
Excellent ammo. Clean and very accurate. Great confidence booster. Fired through Sig p320 and fnx 9. Will definitely buyagain
Gotta admit clean looking ammo sgammo delivers! 9
Good ammo, would buy again.