3 pack - PA154 120mm Tall Ammo Cans - Used USGI

3 pack - PA154 120mm Tall Ammo Cans - Used USGI

3 pack - PA154 120mm Tall Ammo Cans - Used USGI3 pack - PA154 120mm Tall Ammo Cans - Used USGI3 pack - PA154 120mm Tall Ammo Cans - Used USGI
3 pack - PA154 120mm Tall Ammo Cans - Used USGI
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SKU: pa154 - 3 pack

3 pack - PA154 120mm Tall Ammo Cans - Used USGI

PA154 120mm Tall Ammo Cans - Used USGI

We have discovered that there are  very similar but slightly different cans in this lot, the other type may be an "81mm" can but very similar, just slightly different demensions

These are very tall ammo cans and could be used to store a variety of goods and some carbine length rifles with folding or retractable stocks as well as other stuff. The size is approximately 14"x5.5"x29" or 12"x6"x32" tall with the lid on the top. Some cans may be painted and remarked. There will be some minor dents dings scratches and other imperfections as these are used surplus, but cans are fully functional and inspected to sort anything that is unfit for use.

These come 3 per package and ship separately from any additional items in your order due to weight and volume packaging issues.

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Customer Reviews

Got 2x3-packs of these last year for our move. They make good, solid transport containers for firearms and ammunition. They're about 20 lbs empty. You can fit varying rifle lengths in one of these if you separate the receiver from the stock and pack it in tshirts or something similar. Ammunition (all in stock boxes they are sold in) can be stored in these with styrofoam and/or cardboard liners - both work well (though you need fairly long arms to negotiate that). Throw a couple desiccant packs and you are good to go. Not a single thing got damaged. Good for storing just about anything. The pad lock kits you can get for standard ammo cans will also work, though you have to do both sides as there are two latches, and the metal is significantly thicker than your 30/50 cal cans. Thank you, SG for having these available at the right time for me.
I got my 3pack of 120mm cans in geat condition no rust, near new condition as shown in video, they get all three in a cardbord box to prevent scuffing. Thanks SGAmmo crew.
$20/can is a steal. Mine came today- fast shipping as always, well packed. Can't tell well from the pics, but these have ridges on the side that allow them to be stacked on top of each other horizontally. Two sets of handles so that you can hold them vertically or horizontally. highly recommend. Thanks, SG!
Unbelievable Cans! Big enough to store or bury ammo or guns for 50 years! Literally!!!!! Not a bad price either!! Thanks SG! 13ColonyPatriot