500 Round Case - 9mm Luger 115 Grain FMJ Steel Case Winchester USA Forged Ammo - WIN9SV

500 Round Case - 9mm Luger 115 Grain FMJ Steel Case Winchester USA Forged Ammo - WIN9SV

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500 Round case of of 9mm Luger 115 Grain FMJ Steel Case Winchester USA Forged Ammo for sale

Factory item number WIN9SV

10 boxes per case

Velocity rated at 1190 FPS

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Customer Reviews

The only problem that I had with the Winchester steel case was with Magpul magazines made for Glocks. Otherwise, my OEM mags for various guns fired the ammunition. The poly/lacquer coating on other steel cased ammunition not only preserves and protects the ammunition but also reduces friction in the magazine and loading process. YMMV
I shot 800 rds. in a class never skipped a beat, only malf. I had were limp wristed firing from weak hand . great ammo. Just ordered 1000 more.
I used this stuff with a Ruger sr9 and I had a lot of jams and failure to eject issues. It got to the point that 1 our of every 3 rounds was getting not ejecting properly. I would not buy this again, stick to the russian steel cased stuff or just buy brass.
have shot 2000+ thru a Springfield XD (40%) and the rest thru a Smith full sized 9mm 1911 and rarely any issue with the feeding, mags, etc dirty as is all of the "cheap" ammo but beats picking up brass or loosing hundreds in the mud, sand or snow.
Not impressed. Lacquered ammo runs better than this. The cases cause too much friction and it chokes up guns. My Glocks eat this for breakfast without any failures but some guns won't. Meh.
I bought 1000 rounds. Shot 250 today. Had three failures to chamber due to the case being crushed when loaded at the factory. I had to use a rod to get the rounds out of the chamber. These steel cases do not load smoothly into magazines causing the magazine springs and followers to stick in the magazine and the rounds to fall out. The cases have a rough finish and do not slide smoothly into the magazines. I shot these in a Sig Sauer P-226 and a Glock 43. Very poor quality control. The Russian ammo functions better and is cheaper. Next time I will buy the Russian ammo.
I bought two cases of this Winchester USA Forged steel case ammo as I had a 2-day high-round count class coming up. The price was what tipped the scale for me as 1000 rounds of WIN9SV would get me the equivalent of 150 more rounds of another economy brand with brass cases at the same price. That's about a 15% difference. The class is a lost brass class so I'm not sweating putting this stuff on the ground permanently. I liked that the published 1190 fps velocity is at the upper end of the scale for 115 gr. so I was not anticipating any issues cycling the gun. I run a Glock 19 and have a 50/50 mix of Glock factory magazines and Magpul magazines and have never had any problems with any brand of brass cased ammo in either brand of magazines. None. Zero problems. This Winchester USA Forged steel case ammo doesn't work well in the Magpul magazines. I could not load the magazines to capacity. I had constant failure to feed from the Magpuls. Simply unloading the magazines by hand I would find one or two rounds stuck and binding the follower about 2/3's down the magazine box. I also found that I needed to be very careful to perfectly seat rounds when loading into the Glock factory magazines or I would get the same binding problem. At least the Glock magazines functioned with this ammo with extra diligence on my end. I won't comment on the accuracy or cleanliness of this ammo because it doesn't matter if you can't get reliability with it in your magazines. Lesson learned. You get what you pay for. I tried to go cheap and got something that would not function or needed excessive attention to load magazines to function. The extra 150 rounds of value I thought I had evaporated with every failure to feed malfunction. I don't recommend this ammo and will stay with brass ammo from here on out.