1000 Rounds - 223 Rem / 5.56x45 Steel Case Barnaul Mil-Spec 62 Grain FMJ Ammo with Lacquer and Sealant

1000 Rounds - 223 Rem / 5.56x45 Steel Case Barnaul Mil-Spec 62 Grain FMJ Ammo with Lacquer and Sealant

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2x500 Round Cases of 223 Rem / 5.56x45 Steel Case Barnaul Mil-Spec 62 Grain FMJ Ammo for sale with Lacquer and Sealant. packed 20 rounds per box, 25 boxes per case, 2 cases per 1000 round lot.

Custom made ammo from Barnaul in Russia. We had the factory make this ammo just for SGAmmo, using a traditional lacquered sealed case with mil-spec sealant applied to the case mouth and primer pocket to waterproof the cartridge, and to improve long term storage life.To top it off we had the factory use a 62 grain FMJ bullet, making this a better load for fast twist 1/7 or 1/8 barrels than standard 55 grain FMJ. We hope you enjoy this ammo. The projectile is bi-metal jacketed, lead core and magnetic.

We had this ammo made in 55 grain FMJ recently and people loved it but we got lots of requests for other projectile options. We hope you support this product by buying some so we can have it made again in the future can continue to offer this ammo option

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Customer Reviews

My LMT eats this stuff all day. Longest shots are at 320 yards. Zero issue hitting the target over and over and over. Will buy as long as your superb website continues to get this made. Thanks!
Ran great through KelTec SU-16 and AR-15. Some red sealant was left on the bolt but zero malfunctions between rifles. Good stuff.
This is very good ammo and super accurate in my PSA 16" CHF rifle. I'm getting 1.25" groups with this stuff, and it burns clean and runs 100% will MilSpec triggers. I like it so much I ordered 2 more cases.
My Colt cycles this 62FMJ Mil-spec from Barnaul all day. I have had no malfunctions and I have no complaints. Love this stuff and how SGAMMO has rounds made that we the customers desire. I am so glad that I can order from a store that goes to this extra effort for us. Sgammo is my favorite store.
This is great ammo. Runs clean and fairly hot in all my rifles. My SLR-106FR loves this stuff, very accurate. It's 62gr, but near as I can tell it is not steel core, though it is bi-metal. Doesn't dent my AR500 targets like green tip usually does which proves that. Nice Lacquer on it too. It ships in two 500 rnd boxes, with nicely packaged 20 round plastic trays in cardboard. This is well worth the extra penny or two per rnd over wolf/tula. It's just better, thanks to SGAmmo for getting this in.
I own a bunch of guns, so I go through ammo fast, and SGAmmo is my TOP ammo retailer choice!!!!! You just can't beat SGAmmo's cheap ammo prices!!!! The prices are like a sale that never ends! `John from Texas