500 Round Case - 223 Rem 55 Grain Copper Jacket FMJ Wolf Steel Case Ammo made by Barnaul

500 Round Case - 223 Rem 55 Grain Copper Jacket FMJ Wolf Steel Case Ammo made by Barnaul

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500 round case - 223 Rem 55 Grain Copper Jacket FMJ Wolf Steel Case Ammo made by Barnaul

Here we have for sale one of the best deals on steel case Russian made low cost 223 Rem ammunition in the USA. This ammo features a polymer coated steel case for smooth feeding and extraction in your AR-15 rifle. Using steel case ammo saves you money as it is much less expensive than brass case ammunition. This ammo is 100% non-corrosive, non-reloadable primer, and features a 55 grain lead core bullet with a non-magnetic copper jacket projectile. For high volume shooters this bulk ammo deal makes one of the best values for 223 ammo for target practice and range use. Ideal ammo for use in semi-auto firearms like the AR15, Mini-14 and AK47( in.223/5.56 cal). Buy Wolf ammunition with confidence, Wolf ammo is backed by the importer with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not happy with the products performance Wolf will buy it back for a full refund.

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Customer Reviews

Ok, here we go. I shot 500 rounds through a 16" inch barrel AR 15 with 7 inch suppressor. NO issues at all. Every round went bang. My cousin and I were destroying steel plates at 200 yards. All day, like an overly attached girlfriend just cling, cling cling, cling. I highly recommend. Go ahead, pull the trigger and buy with confidence.
I shoot this ammo in my SAR-3......works great!!!
This Wolf .223 REM is awesome, not one FTF or FTE, shoots as clean as other .223 ammo I have shot. If you are an AK AR guy like me then you should know the difference when shooting (steel) cased ammo when it comes to Wolf! I buy steel cased wolf and nothing else, I have purchased remanufactured brass from other websites and I cant see any better results, I do not shoot brass because I do not reload (ammo is plentiful again) and I do not have to shoot half MOA to feel confident. The yellow box Wolf ammo rocks in .223 in my range.
Was excited not sure what the issue was but shot 3 mags of this keyholed bad in my 16" 1-9 twist. Tested M193 and SS109 they stabilized fine. Guess I will stick with the bimetal wolf
Good practice ammo for indoor ranges I'm glad Sam was able to get it. The ammo has no problems with cycling or reliability in my stock 20" CA-15A2 rifle, 16" DSA AR 15 Carbine & 16" PSA Mid-length Carbine. The inexpensive indoor local range doesn't allow bi-metal jackets and shooting at the other ranges that do allow it (steel vs. recycled rubber)cost twice as much so this ammo saved me extra time and money over its low price:) GE 5/1/17
You can't beat 25.5 cpr for range safe ammo. The projectile is not bimetal so this will not damage your barrel as rapidly as other steel cased ammo.
Non magnetic projectile, steel case. Great for plinking or classes. Goes bang every time I pull the trigger.
Ammo seems to be very good and a great deal/price