500 Round Case - 45 Auto 230 grain FMJ Wolf WPA Steel Case Ammo by Barnaul

500 Round Case - 45 Auto 230 grain FMJ Wolf WPA Steel Case Ammo by Barnaul

500 Round Case - 45 Auto 230 grain FMJ Wolf WPA Steel Case Ammo by Barnaul500 Round Case - 45 Auto 230 grain FMJ Wolf WPA Steel Case Ammo by Barnaul500 Round Case - 45 Auto 230 grain FMJ Wolf WPA Steel Case Ammo by Barnaul
500 Round Case - 45 Auto 230 grain FMJ Wolf WPA Steel Case Ammo by Barnaul
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500 round case 45 Auto 230 grain FMJ Wolf WPA Steel Case PolyFormance or Military Classic Ammo for sale. Made by Barnaul featuring a non-reloadable polymer coated steel case, non-corrosive primer and magnetic FMJ bullet. Wolf ammo is the broadest and most popular Russian made ammo product line. This ammunition is backed by the importer with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Wolf is the ideal ammo for high volume target practice and range shooting events. You save money with Wolf ammo by reaping substantial savings on the cost of the ammunition you use. This ammo is new production, Russian made by Barnaul, one of the best factories for quality ammo from Russia. Wolf Ammo goes bang every time and shoots straight and you don't have to waste your time picking up brass that you know you are never going to reload. Wolf ammo is one of the lowest cost ammunition options available and a great value. As the owner of SGAmmo I have sold Wolf ammo since the day I started in the ammo business way back in 2001 and its a great product for the guys and gals that like to shoot a lot for the lowest overall cost and who do not reload. We are proud to offer Wolf products and believe you, our clients, will love shooting this ammo if you give it a try. Make sure to review all my ammunition deals at www.SGAmmo.com where we are committed to offering the best ammunition at some of the lowest prices for ammo on the web.

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Customer Reviews

Ran 300 through a 1928 Thompson and never missed a beat. Just got another 1000.
My son and I each ordered this ammo and have been disappointed in it. It is not clean burning and leaves carbon and other particles like grains of sand in both of our 45's. My EAA Witness and his Taurus PT1911.
surprisingly accurate and reliable ammo in my Kimber compact carry gun. We use this for low cost range ammo and I carry Speer Gold dot. SGammo has be the best price online for both of these types of ammunition
This is my Mac-10 machine guns favorite ammo. Which is nice since it’s cheap.
My son and I went to the range last weekend to catch up on practice with this ammo using a EAA Witness 45 ACP, a Taurus PT1911FS and a Springfield XDS 45. The Taurus was just purchased and with less than a 100 rounds that he fired before we started using this ammo. All 3 pistols had one miss feed using this ammo. We fired over 400 rounds with only that problem noted. We determined that the magazines were improperly loaded by a friend of ours after noting the uneven stacking in the magazines. The EAA Witness is a modified double stack of 10 the Taurus is 8, and the XDS is 5 witch I recently purchased for conceal carry when the Witness is to much. This ammo is a great deal and excellent for range plunking. Thanks again SGAmmo for a great value and dependable ammo!
Another one update. Has been complaining about this ammo.As I said before, HK USP45 Expert had 2/10 misfeed, looks like german firearms are not accepting russian amunition. Few days ago tryied same ammuniiton on my new Springfield 1911, it was nice, easy and very precise.
bought those for as HK USP45. Using for practice.Occasionally didnt want to feed right, but I'm not worry about HK. Those german guys very durable. Still left with 500. I'll use them all for practice. Not going to carry them.
This target ammo ignites 98% of the time but it is very smoky so don't use it indoors or in still air conditions. Also I have found it to be much too dirty to use with a suppressor. I bought 1,000 rounds which I put through a suppressed Glock 21 and a suppressed Kriss Vector SBR and found it to foul the chambers at a rate about 8 to 10 times faster than quality American ammo.
Do not want to feel obligated to pick up the empty's while roaming on the ranches, don't notice any difference in accuracy compared to any of the brass cased ammo. Always seems to be minute of rattlesnake, wild hog, or beer can. Have ran thru thousands in my 1911 with no problems
Great ammo. Feeds like a hot knife thru butter no misfires and for 2.36 cents a round it can't beat beat. Cleaner than Winchester and Remington for a fraction of the price that's who I ordered more. Thanks for all your great ammo and awesome selection for hard to find rounds.